Gongs, Bongs, Medals & Peerages.


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:? Don't know if this has been done before, but here goes:

With only a small number of posts, and very little time at the sharp end, I have managed (for a small fee) to bedeck my chest with ARRSE campaign medals so that I can walt it up big time and pretend I'm a real ARRSE hero.

It's a good way for ARRSE to raise money, and a good way for me to look good with my cheesy chest-rig.

Would it be a better scale of economies if ARRSE linked up with the MOD and the gummint parties in this matter as they need money too.

The Labliar party is trying to go it alone in it's sales of peerages, but it might make more sense to link up to ARRSE with it's numerous potential buyers and do a 3-for-1 sale. Buy one peerage, ARRSE medal or campaign medal, and you get two more for free!

It makes sense to me, as we all get funds, and everyone gets what they want.

Please discuss . . . :twisted:

Edited 'cos I'm a nob.
Oh dear, had a sports afternoon, have we?
what a dull thread!


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OK, zap it then

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