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Discussion in 'Medals' started by Mr Happy, Nov 11, 2003.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator


    A cloggie Guardsmen and I were going through some phot's recently and we came across a Brit wearing a single going on his right hand side of his mess kit I recall that can happen but forget the exact reason (parent or grandparent bravery award?) and also, what exactly is the order on medals going from left to right etc. (closest to the heart for bravery, then operational medals, then long service? What about honours?).

    Just wondering if somebody out there knew the ins and outs instead of rumour control.
  2. I gather that medals worn on ones right hand side are those awarded to members of ones family; viz. the young lad aged about 6, at The Cenotaph on sunday with a chestfull.

    If the original owner has gone to The Great Impact Area In The Sky they can be passed on in a manner of speaking.
  3. Rings a bell...

    I think these are non-military awards. Remember one of our SNCOS a few years back saving some lunatic from drowning. (think he was trying to top himself)
    The award was from the Royal Humane Society, and he wore it on the right side of his Brown Hoover Bag, and Mess dress.
  4. Have a mate who was wearing his Dad's medals on Sunday as an act of remembrance. According to him, if doing this, the medals should be minatures and should be wore on the right-hand side.
  5. I think everyone is right! Medals on the right are worn when someone else has won them. Some Regiments have produced their own meritorious awards and those were worn on the right breast during Regimental parades.

    Order of march is complicated. Awards presented by the Sovereign or her representative take precedence over some gallantry awards. For instance a MBE takes precedence over an MC (which can be awarded by a senior officer in the field - remember those pictures of Monty during the war).

    Thereafter medals come in the order they were awarded for operations, GSM, NATO medals, UN medals and OSMs, then Jubilee Medals, then ACSM, then LSGC and MSM. Finally if you have been granted permission to wear a foreign award, that comes after everthing else.
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Excellent news on the drowning jobby, so when I dived in and picked somebody up from the bottom of the pool that was passed out and breathing water on Friday night I can get one too!

    Royal Humane Society you say... I'll drop them a letter.
  7. as posted elsewhere,

    who can afford to get them all mounted when your corps says you have to but won't pay for/towards it!
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I found this on the www

  9. :D the wearing of medals are set in this order.......

    decorations...vc, mm, mbe, obe..etc take presadence over all ( to be worn the furthist left ).
    followed by the order of medals gained. regadlace of op tour, nato/un.
    the end medals are as follows....
    lsgc..at end, then agsm, then qjm or any other coranation medal.

  10. Almost right Zemtex - The VC precedes everything else but then comes the Orders (Order of British Empire, St Michael and St George, Thistle etc) and then other bravery awards. Campaign medals come next in order that a chap has earned them, then Jubilee/Coronation medals and finally long service awards.

    I thought that gallantry awards took precedence but a friend of mine has an MBE and an MC and the MBE is further to the right on his ribbon row than the MC. When I suggested he had them the wrong way around he agreed that he had worked a damn sight harder to win the MC than the MBE but that MBE was part of an Order and therefore took precedence.