Discussion in 'RLC' started by APSED, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. gone
  2. hey mate! I can give u loads of info about gutersloh since i've lived up here for the last few months.

    im not sure which base 2 LSR works on (because there are 2 in the area)

    however if u have any detailed questions just ask!

    i can tell u it's not the most exciting place in the world (gutersloh) and there is not much to do on either of the 2 bases however the people are friendly. there is much to do out in the local towns like swimming, go karting, shopping etc.

    on base you have your basic stuff.... movies, nAAFI, gym.

    if there is anything u want to know pal just ask.
  3. Yes.

    They are in Gutersloh.
  4. Joe1r5 wrote
    Top tip to both of you. Buy a car and get out and about. Gutersloh may not be a thriving metropolis but there is a fair bit to do all around that area.

    On weekends, get yourselves away. You can easily make the Harz mountains and South Germany from Gutersloh in a few hours. Likewise, take leave or other wise to make up longweekends and weeks away.

    Fcuk it volunteer/sell weekend duties to get more money and time off and the world is your oyster.

    You are based in the middle of Continental Europe.... Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, Switzerland, Austira, Italy the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang castle all are within your reach.

    Don't sit in your barracks stewing. Get out there.

    Paderborn Airport is close by (and does some good last minute cheap flights (even if it is only to Ibiza) and the Route 2 (Autobahn) is close by.
  5. best advice I have seen in a long while did three years at Gutersloh and loved it
  6. I'll third that...Shite loads to do when you travel slightly out of Guetersloh. Grab a tent and a ten pack and yer sorted.
  7. This is my 2nd time in Germany, the first time I was one of the tomorrow culture

    'tomorrow i will go to.....'

    before i knew it tomorrow had been and gone and the only place i went to was the UK ...POSTED.

    This time I am getting about,
    could not be any truer.

    I am lucky enough to have a 2nd chance, and I am not wasting it. Make sure you don't waste your chance.
  8. Knew a lot of guys like that when I was there didnt even leave camp when transport was booked for them Get out and about mate dont be one of those camp rats who always complains its boring
  9. Watch out for a cpl who shares a name with one of the 18 Kings of France, he thinks he's an infantryman ;)
  10. The finest Regiment in the RLC - nuff said!

    As for Guetersloh, duller than watchin pain dry...however, as has been said before, get yourself out and about....
  11. Delete "Finest" insert "fattest" then your on the right track :wink:
  12. Cpl Merovingian? Cpl Carolingian? Cpl Capetian? Cpl Valois-Angoulême?

    Surely not Cpl Charles the Bald, I served with him on TELIC 1 and found him quite placid!
  13. I served with 2 from 2000-2006, Good Regiment overall, moved on and out for other reasons.

    as the above all say, get out and about, if its sports you're liking , big on boxing, skiing, football, hockey, and in fact anything

    (when we were 2 close support we were known as 2 closed for sport regiment)