mosh_monster said:
look im really sorry to put this in sigs when quite clearly it shd be in prob the naffi! but i've always got better answers from the sigs cause basicaly we're smarter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i went to a function the other night that my troop and sqn forced us into! not tp compermise me to much it was a comenwealth night at the mighty 3 div! any how i got bollocked today for the way i dressed at this function! i am a goth and pretty much i cudd'nt give a fcuk wat people think of the way i dress, but as it was a sqn/reg function i toned it down ! no make-up or fcuk all but i got picked up 2day for the way i dressed! the fact sum bird dressed in a top that showed her tits did anoye me as when i brought this up the peps in question said, and i quote "yeah but we cud see her tits"! is it just me or am I being discriminated against????????? i will admit i'm a bit tipsy at the mo so sorry for poor typing but please help me as i nearly signed of 2day due to the fact "the army wants individuals, not sheep"
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Where do we start....

A. You are taking the pish.
B. You are from another planet from the rest of us oxygen breathing carbon life forms.
C. You need to be sterilised.

but i've always got better answers from the sigs cause basicaly we're smarter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Compared to what? A bag of snot?? A room full of head crash victims? The DNA (National Dyslexia Association)?

I'm sure the Signals would wish to place a large distance between you and themselves. IMHO. :wink:

(BTW, I've just spell checked my own post and my computer melted then exploded in a huff when it came to your remarks. I too am a bit 'tipsy' but I am still able to at least not look like I've taken a .50 to the head when posting. I suggest you PVR straight away!)
Kind words of encouragement there as always flash :lol:

But to answer your question Mosh Monster

If your a goth , what are you even doing in the forces?

Do you wear makeup to work? i'll bet the answer is no.

So when going to a SQN/TP you shouldnt either, if you want to dress like a suicide victim, fine do it away from camp when on leave, but when you are on camp, remember you are representing your corp/Sqn/TP, and that kind of dress will not go a long way to furthering your career.

As for the bird showing her cheb's off whilst this kind of dress in todays age shouldnt be condoned, it is allowed to pass. Yes she should have been picked up on it.

But fact of the matter is squaddies would rather look at a pair of tits, rather than looking like one by hanging around with some one dressing up as a morissey throw back, its just more pleasent on the eye.

If you dont like it, sign off, i am sure there are plenty of Civvy companies that would employ some one who looks like they should be in a morgue,
E.G Macdonalds

You know it should have been posted in the naafi but you chose here because you cannot take the inevitable derision that should be sprinkled liberally over your gothic corpse.

If you cannot handle being told to dress appropriately at an official function then how the hell did you make it this far? Did you cut your hair to make reg length or do you pop it in a girlie bun? Do you wear your makeup of a day or do the other lasses make fun of you too much with your smeary panda eyes? Did you tell the DS' "please don't bollock me I'm a fragile goth boy who can't take it" during phase 1? What the hell did you wear to this do anyways a velvet dress? Forced into a function oh dear poor bubby :roll: Make sure when there is a war on you get a note from mummy excusing you from playing.

Do the rest of them a favour and sign off. Then get a job in a funeral home I am sure they will not mind your gothic look there :lol:

Oxygen thief...
Classic replies, I love it, nearly fell off my chair when reading them.

So did you get the answer you were looking for or would you like to open yourself up for some more ridicule?


Book Reviewer
If you want to dress up in black in your own time, then that's entirely up to you. Don't bother reacting to the prejudice against you - the same went years ago for various other fashions and trends, many of which are acceptable now (Kilts, for example, but I still don't like 'em).

In my experience, most Goths wouldn't say boo to a goose, and are a harmless enough bunch, who are quite happy to be left alone (after all, that's the main point...)

Mind you, whether the Army needs people who wouldn't say boo to a goose is another thing, but I'm sure you'll be safe in the R Sigs, it's not as if they're real soldiers :p
I can only imagine your torment and pain, not giving a fcuk what people think of your dress sense, then getting all upset when told to sort yourself out.
By your rationale a naturist would be able to turn up to troop functions in the buff. FFS get a grip, lock yourself in your room and listen to music expressing how miserable you are, and how nobody understands you.
And if you could see it in your dark and tortured soul to leave the Army I'd be grateful (When asked 'what freq?' on ex do you not find most of the troop pointing at you?)
If you didnt have any make up on and were just wearing black clothes, i would have told the bloke/lass who pulled you up, to go fcuk themselves with a frozen pigeon corpse.

Imean how bloody petty can someone get?

the army is in a bad state as it is without making dedicated soldiers think of signing off.

was there a dress code stated for the function?
were civi partners in attendance?

Power to the panda people!!
My computers clock is obviously fcuked as it says 8 Apr for your first post rather than 1 Apr.

Good cast, reeled a few in and if it's real you need to post again now you are hopefully sober.
You clearly DO care what people think about the way you dress, or why would you do it. You woudnt get all Gothed-up if you were staying at home on your own would you? no, so you are making a statement, and a statement always invites a response.
Incidentally, you are not smarter than us non-sig types, you are an illiterate, maladjusted idiot.
Find a new career, and no, I would not like fries with it! :roll:
Sleeper_service said:
You woudnt get all Gothed-up if you were staying at home on your own would you?quote]

If he was a civvy then yes he would be gothed up as he would have no need to remove the nail polish.

im also sure that if he didnt have to wear the green kit then once again, yes he would be gothed up and wear the clothes that he enjoys wearing.

would you like fries with THAT? :twisted:
Personally i would like to thank the ACIO that you attended for not letting you in the Corps of Royal Engineers, even if you think you are the best, even after reading your sober post, i have realised there is a god, and i am glad you are in the signals.
You say you went to the function but not gothed up ( i used to like the Jesus and Mary Chain btw and a bit of the Cult ) so were you pulled up simply for being a scruffy **** ?

I hope you pointed out that you are infact a Relay Op and therefore one of Gods trade !!
Sabre said:
If your a goth , what are you even doing in the forces?
eh? how does that work?

I always thought that individuality was a good thing. I think goths arebloody daft looking but I hardly think that they have any political stance or other ideology which makes them unsuitable for the forces. Just cos they dress like idiots it's hardly a crime.

Have you seen the way that a lot of our organisation dress like throwbacks to pseudo-upper middle class Britain - the cords, barbour jacket, labrador etc but we accept that as eccentric. Goths are just as laughable as chavs or perhaps about 10 - 15 yrs ago those idiots with flowery hooded tops (er...including me). But come on - give the guy a break.

By the way - chebs are fine by me.
Hmm, I think there are one or two sheep out there. What is wrong with dressing as a goth? There are opinions that clothes make the man, etc. but we are all corresponding right now in a forum where clothing have absolutly nothing to do with how we are viewed.

Although, Mosh Monster, posting whilst pisesd doesn't help your case!!!

The, I wont say right but you get the idea, to be a individual is defended by us, so why shoot someone down for being an individual? There are societies in the world who do not tolerate individualism, and many people would not like to live in them.

So get a grip.

To be fair MM you're right, the bird should also have been gripped if she was that bad and miskrissi, if I want long hair in a bun should I not be allowed to have it? Birds can have long or short hair, why can't I?

Also I can think of many things that I would not want to work with in the forces, but a guy who dresses up strangley is not one of them. Anyone watch "Bowling for Columbine"? It made be laugh that Marilyn Manson, who was by far the most freakishly dressed, made the most sense when he was interviewed by Roger Moore. I also have a friend with a PHd who dresses strangly, BoHo I think it's called and sports dreadlocks. Strange that a university would award her with a PHd and listen to what she says, even with dreads, and allow her to lecture to other uni students. Would you think she was fit only for MaccyDs?
C'mon chaps, give credit where it's due.

True, Mosh's first post made him look a Grade A cnut (apparently a pre-requisite in the sigs). But let's not forget that he later had the balls and good grace to admit that he had indeed been a Grade A cnut and a pissed one at that. That deserves a few brownie points in my book.

Then again he's still in the sigs...
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