Gone fishin'

Bloke on his honeymoon. His mates give him ten min after he goes upstairs with his new bride then sneak up to eavesdrop on the consumation of the marriage.
Amazingly, the new groom exits the bridal suite in full fishing gear, waders, tackle bag...the works.
"what on earth are you doing" exclaims one friend "you re supposed to be sh**ging her senseless?"
"Cant" says groom "She s got gonnorhoea"
"Get he to give you a BJ then" says mate two
"Cant" says groom "she s got pyorrhoea"
"Then take her up the arrse" suggests mate three
"Cant" says groom "she s got diarrhoea"
"Then why the fcuk did you marry her???" mates exclaim

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