Gone, But Not Forgotten

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. An Italian man kept the dead body of his widowed 71 year-old mother in her bedroom wardrobe for three years, pretending to his neighbours that she had turned into a recluse.. Landlord found the body when the rent wasn't paid and no one answered the door. Came in found the guy dead and a note saying " old mum's in the closet "...

    In Kentucky a 61 year old women didn't want to be buried believing she would come back to life. She sat in her nightgown in a chair in a room upstairs in front to the television.. the resto fo the family stayed downstairs and went on with things as if nothing happened, except they kept an air conditioner on to keep her body " cool ".. sister who hadn't seen her in years finally called the cops.

    I'm thinking that it might not be a bad idea to save the kids the cost of a funeral and stick around just to see what's what when the old ticker finally gives out...Think I want to be propped up in the car at a major intersection blocking traffic and causing gridlock at rush hour just to piss off all those who made me late for things by driving like retards...or maybe just sit in a darkened movie theatre feet permanently glued to the coke-spilled floor mouldy popcorn spilling out of the box balanced on my crotch...
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    AND the added bonus ,the kids can wheel you out for Halloween!!!
  3. that is sad and disgusting
  4. Yeah right! I'm sure that it's coke 'spilled' on the floor in the Movie Theatre (the Pictures you bloody Joe) you go to, more like babyglue and a box is about all that's going on in your crotch area....

    Beebs ;)
  5. reminds me of a bloke who came tearing into casualty when i ws nursing, claimed he couldnt wake his mother up who was strapped into the rear seat of his car...where she had been sat 6 weeks unrousably dead!! When the porters came to remove her, they had to pull her out by the arms, and the top half of her promptly detatched from the bottom half of her liquifying body....if that wasn't enough, his scabby dog bit my colleague...lmfaooooooooo.
    p.s i wonder if he got a cut price funeral for her? lmao
  6. Is yannie back again?
  7. I watched a documentary the other day about a Dr who fell inlove with a patient who then later died of Tuberculosis. For years he would visit her air-tight tomb and then one night he stole her and took her back home, and little by little he would try and restore her face with wax and would cover up the decomposing body with perfume, believing she was still alive. The family of the girl became concerned and had an inkling that the body had been exhumed, so the sister of the deceased girl went round to his house and with this the Dr led her upstairs into his bedroom and she saw this figure of what looked like a doll on his bed and then realizing it was her sister fled. An autopsy was carried and they found the Dr had inserted a vaginal tube so that he could have sexual intercourse with her.

    I have never heard anything so disturbing...
  8. Rocket, rather sounds like a movie that has had a few sequels.....
  9. thought this was going to be a thread about global hypercolour t-shirts... ll
  10. Charlotte you watch some seriously wierd documentaries.