Gone, But Not Forgotten

In memory of Richard III last Plantagenet King of England, who died Auguast 22, 1485 defending his crown against the usurper, Henry Tudor.

Loyaulte me lie

some people just can't let it go..

Some sense from O Bty!!!!!

RIII was much maligned by Tudor propaganda,

Josephine Tey's novel "The Daughter of Time" is a good read on the subject

Great Agatha Christyesque novelist, also wrote Bratt Farrar
Tudor Propoganda, followed by Tudor enforcement, Beheadings and Burning at the stake! May be Richard III got off lightly!

On the point of books, Rocketeer, just finished a very good book about a certain Rocket Troop in Gulf War 1/ Desert Storm....very well written and a fantastic book... compliments to the author

The last phase of the wars of the roses was the Tudors (Old Lancastrians and Yorkists from Edward's family) against Richard using old Neville posseisisons and money. Edward's Yorkist line lives on through the Tudor children. Henery VIII was his grandson.

Richard the turd was a nasty piece of work. This man would be a monster to work for or suffer under. Pious - hypocritical - mean, greedy and un principled. Richard the turd by name and nature.

Two pieces of evidence

1. Roughing up the aged aunt of the Earl of Oxford after Barnet to persuade here to sign over her London house to him so he can sell it at a profit At this time Richard is 19 years old and the younger brother of the king, probably the second most powerful man in england. She is in her sixtiues and in a nunnery. He threatens to send her to a cold castle in Yorkshire with the threat that wsho won't live long there. His brother advises someone who was offered the house not to take it if he has a concience

2. The pious BS and political spin to disinherit his brother's children, murder his old family friend and comrade Hastings and parade his brother's mistress as a common prostitute. This is creepy hypocracy and unpleasently modern politics.

The true Yorkist hero is Edward IV. A great renaisance general - nice bloke - great warrior - sound adninistrator - cunning politician who united a failed state - approachable and oneopf the few monarchs to ever be good in business.

Richard stole his nephew's inheritance, murdered his family friends and squandered the good will built up by his brother. He turned the country against him in two years and was deposed. Good ridence!

Good sons of York should toast the deposition of this English tyrant who defiles their name by association........
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