Gone but Not Forgotten: Mick Mathews Parachute Regiment.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The_Cad, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. It's hard to believe that it's twenty years since Mick was murdered by PIRA cowards in Cullyhanna on the 28th July 1988.

    For those who didn't know him, Mick was a 3 Para veteran who fought in the fiercest battle of The Falklands War on Mount Longdon, he was serving with 1 Para when he died. He left behind a young widow.

    I am going to raise a glass or twenty to Mick on the 28th in his memory and hope that many of you will join me.

    RIP Mick mate, you will never be forgotten.

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  2. I never knew him Cad, but we can't let guys like him be forgotten.

    Nice shout, I too will raise a glass on the 28th.

    I had a wee chat with Sparky jnr yesterday who's joined the maroon m/c;

    a) I told him in no uncertain terms if he get's himself bodybagged, wounded, spackered or vegetised in any way I'll fecking kill him when he gets back.

    b) Can I babysit his 40" LCD screen, Xbox 360 and CoD4 etc when he's away and/or can he leave it in his will?

    a) Okay auld yin, I'll try
    b) No get yer own

    All the best Cad
  3. Just tell him you were burgled!

    Besides which, Paratroopers never really die, they just go to Valhalla and regroup (And call Odin a Hat no doubt!)
  4. Burgled?????....... Hmmmmmm...

    I think he's going to do well Cad, he's switched on, fit as, good drills etc mixes well, can iron (fnarr) and is shoite at milling blah blah...

    best bit is his sense of humour;

    he's already planning his first tattoo and it's not a Mike Golden para daft inking its....

    "My Dad's a Hat"

    Proud of him - taught him well :D