Golly. What a guy!

His English teacher deserves a good kicking too.
Don't get worked up about it. There are thousands of them out there, it won't do your blood pressure any good.


Book Reviewer
You know your a sad paki bastard when you base your look and dress sense on Peter Andre.
Must have spent all his dole money on it.
'Studied at Guantanamo Bay'
May explain his mastery of English
He's not a golly, he's a paki.
You dirty racist. I'm disgusted.
With Smudge off on his annual cross burning tour of Alabama I thought someone should step up to the plate.
Its funny he mentions that because I have hardly seen any reports of Muslim women being raped by NATO soldiers but I do know the Taliban did have a fetish for taking Hazara women as concubines but hey if its done by a Muslim its alrights to these guys, I bet they were jerking off when they got their hands on a large number of defenceless Bengali women back in the ol East Pakistan.

I think Azher Ahmed is a good "candidan" for a course of Bacha Bazi, he could dance all night long to trance while flashing his sunglasses at the oldest pedo in the room.
He's not a golly, he's a paki.
Unlikely. He has chosen an Egyptian monicker, so unless he has taken up Pakistani nationality, the chances are that there is Gippo history there.

Note to self: change avatar before offending some of these excitable sorts.

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