Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. I remember Golliwogs fondly, all the Jams and Mamalade with a Happy Golli on it, innocent childhood and all that , not even the Blacks and Asians complained.
    all attempts to kill it off has never quite succeded, There is a museum displaying them and a shop selling them very popular too !

    however Killjoys has been complaining and the Race relations bods are trying to justify their employments , mongs :pissedoff:


  2. if we all got along the race relations people would be out of a job i wonder if thats why they keep coming up with this sort of thing
  3. Un-Naughty-Word--believable!!!!!!!!!!!

    I suppose I'm going to have to rename my dogs 'kune', 'blekky', 'spadez', 'niggs', 'woggems' and 'woppsy' something else now, oooh and 'slannty'.

    Why should I rename my dogs, or stop buying a particular jam because it is deemed offensive to the hypersensitive thought police?

    Better change the name 'English' to something less insensitive then too while we are at it!
  4. Can anyone confirm this? I was given to believe that when the Golliwog face on Robertson's jam jars was ordered to be removed, due to potential racist connotations, that Robertsons were only ordered to remove the black Golliwogs, & that any other colour of Golliwog (including brown - the true colour of negroids) would have been perfectly acceptable under the court ruling?
  5. No matter how innocent the behaviour there will always be someone in a minority who will pray in aid of a non-existent consensus to speak for a majority. There are a few will go out of their way to be offended by just about anything. The problem is that those who claim to be offended, do not speak for anyone but themselves, and yet, their voices have a greater currency of value than those of the majority who cannot find any offence in that which the minority complain of.

    When petty low-level officialdom fails to recognise and apply the doctrine of proportionality - a doctrine well established and applied by our European Neighbours - it falls into the trap of allowing the minority to exercise tyranny over the majority.

    It is the uncomplaining, bovine docility on the part of the silent majority in the face of the treatment meted out to them which confers a legitimacy on the demands made upon the silent many, by the vociferous few.
  6. You can always bring tears of mist to the eyes of the old guys I drink with by bringing up the tales of
    'I had a metal Gollywog, had to collect X stickers to get it'
    No it was Y
    Ya both wrong Z.
    Ah such simple things still amuse.
    Oh and if sumone finks Race relations we are all/have been married to ladies who are distinctly off white, The Witches of Lanna being the Honkey wives who do exsist in this part of the world.
  7. I'm deeply offended by the various 'cultures' which oppress mine in my home country. While in their home countries, I keep my mouth shut about their obvious failings, but they fail to do the same in mine.

    Astonishingly, their prejudices are defended by specious 'human rights' legislation nowadays, while my opinions are hated and legislated against. It would be instructive indeed to see an academic comparison of attitudes to 'race' and 'immigration' between say, the mid 1930s, 50s and now.

    I was brought up in the Colonies, where my father and his many colleagues shone a brilliant light of knowledge and expertise onto the native populations, all over the world. The brutes would still be playing with their balls as marbles without British intervention.

    I have nothing but contempt for 'racial' prejudice of the sort that the BNP espouses (mainly because they target people, not cultures) but I have tremendous sympathy for the generations in this country who now don't vote for any party because they know that none of them still hold principled views.
  8. I lost my first job after someone asked me why I stopped trying to grow my hair long and I said "I looked like a golliwog"

    Fcuking YTS,and it was someone who was white that reported me.
    Most of the young men were black and none of them were offended.
    In fact they did all they could to stop me losing my job.
    But then again the YTS did prepare us for the outside world after all.
  9. My sentiments exactly WB. However, you should be ashamed of yourself. So take your miserable colonial arrse down to the cop shop immediately and turn yourself in... if you can find one!

    The lair where our enemies dwell is... Islington!
  10. Enough about Golliwogs.... time for something serious.

    Do I have to free my coloured man servant, whom I pay in terms of food, accomodation and harsh discipline?
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  11. I bought my daughter a golliwog for this Christmas.

    And guess what?

    I was served by a middle aged black gentleman who took
    my money and wished me a Merry Christmas.
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  12. The complainant, Dr.John Molyneux, is a socialist, activist and writer. He is a member of the British SWP and of RESPECT. He lectures at Portsmouth University, and writes mainly about Marxist theory and art.

    In other words a professional left wing shit stirrer.
  13. I have a book called the Three Golliwogs, by Enid Blyton.which i received as a gift one Christmas as a child .
    Not ever did i think that the book was just a little book about some doll characters and different adventures
  14. I googled his name and all I got was marxist/trotzkyist

    says it all really, probably a right tofu munching tw*t, and I bet he's white too.