Golfing Priests

A Rabbi, a Vicar and a Catholic Father play golf together every month, always at a different course.
This day, they were halfway round when they were held up by two men who seemed to be wasting time and messing about and a labrador that chased their balls, barking and jumping around when it found it and making a hell of a row.
The three got more and more irritated, then decided to miss that hole altogether and carried on with their game in a foul state of mind.
When they finished, they sought out the Club Secretary and complained that their day had been spoiled and they wanted their fees back as recompense.
They described the incident and the men and dog and the Secretary said, "Oh, we know them, they have lifetime free use of this club, they are blind and the dog is their eyes; he barks to tell them where the ball is".
The rabbi is mortified, "I am so sorry, I shall ask my Synagogue members to donate to Guide Dogs as some sort of recompense".
The Father agreed, "I shall go back and say 10 Hail Marys and also ask my flock for donations".
The vicar thought for a moment.
"If they're blind, why don't the bastards play at night?.

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