Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CQMS, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. It's been suggested to me by my uber boss that I take up golf, I've been dodging this particular bullet for a while now but I fear there's no getting out of it. The sum of my knowledge is watching Goldfinger and Bond.

    Any tips, I have until the 30th to become proficient.
  2. Practice. Then practice some more. Then when you're bored rigid of hitting stupid little balls all over the place (except in a straight line) practice some more.

    I play, a little. I'm shit. Very shit.

    Though once in a while you hit a gem, and then you realise it's all been worth it.....sort of.
  3. Don't do a Bing Crosby like my Uncle Tom.
  4. Go and see a pro to get the basics setup on a range, I can recommend the book - tiger woods - how i play golf, excellent illustrations although americanized - the terminology is simple though. I love the game and try to play at least 1 a week, and great for networking people also. Its not about how good you are. Its about having a go. The game is addictive and frustrating, but that is part of the beauty of the game, learning how to improve and lower your handicap.

    You never know you, you may become a natural. Learn to love the game, treat it with respect, golf is a mental game. You need a steady head and eye, coupled with concentration and ALL times. But when you play that one good shot, you think yes I can do this, and that's what its all about.

    The best part is 19th hole, where you can take the piss out each other....
  5. get a set of bats and go get some lessons and practice and practice, or do what i do and play a couple of times a year and don't parctice
  6. furthermore do you have clubs CQMS, if so what are you using? As they can have an impacting factor on your game.
  7. I've nothing, no clubs balls shoes hats or anything. I have extracted a quid pro quo that I'll take him clay shooting.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I recommend a 42mm brass howitzer, much more fun.
  9. Bit of a bugger to drag around the course though or do those buggys tow them?
  10. Ok whats your budget for set of clubs etc??? And depends if you are going to this or the long or short term....

    Firstly I would recommend a second hand set of clubs, but you can get a decent set dependant on what your willing to fork out for them.
  11. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Golf love it I play every Sunday
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  12. My ignorance knows no depths, I've no idea what anything costs, I've had a look on t'interweb and you seem to be able to pay anything from £20 - £2000. Second hand would be good, do I need all of them, which ones would be best and what would be a guide price?
  13. Yeah, be sure to get a full set. Last thing you want is a club missing which could be vital to shot your going to play. I have these : them a while now i think i paid £179 when i got them.Make sure when and if you buy you see it has the COMPLETE set. Some sets says complete they have 1-2 drivers and then 6Iron - SW missing out the middle section.
  14. You need Irons certainly and putter. Your Irons are the most important part of your game, with exception to the putter. Woods you don't necessarily need but I would recommend that you get them.

    For the high handicapper which I am, I would recommend wilson deep reds here I found some on ebay for you and no its not me selling them Wilson Deep Red 3-SW Irons | eBay. No putter you will have to buy seperate, but tiy can get a half decent one for £30 again check the grip.

    However you may need to get them re-gripped about £5 - 9 per new grip, because if the grips are worn they will slip in your hand and you game will never improve. If your not sure, get the club pro to look at them - he will tell you.

    I paid £150 for my deep red and the price here is reasonable although they are slightly older - they are very forgiving clubs - so you have greater margin for error. my club pro recommended them for me. I have never looked back. But if you are a tall bloke you may need bigger longer clubs above standard size or short arse like me I had 3/4 inch taken off the standard size.

    You can get a trolley for about £20 and decent bag for £40. You can get practice balls for bout £19 for 50.00. Tees are only of couple of quid - shoes are important but you can get a good set for £40 (I recommend footjoy and get soft spike not metal as some courses wont let on with metal). Trousers and polo shirt i presume you have. You can get waterproofs also for £50 or less, but if you have sprayaway/waterproof jacket, i dont recommend your issue wp's - it needs to be a loose enough not to impinge on your swing to much. hats you can get for £5 from sports direct, like any peak baseball cap

    edited to add I would recommend that you do re-grip those clubs on ebay - judging buy the look that have had it.