Golf Widow

A wife was thinking what to get her husband for his brithday in two months time, when she hit on the idea of learning to play golf as a suprise, it would me they could spend more time together.

She went to she the Golf Pro at her husbands club to ask his advice, he suggested that they spend a few hours on the driving range to see if she had the aptitude for the game and she made an appointment for the next day.

She arrived met the Pro and headed for the driving range, where he explained how to hold the club and then invited the wife to hit a few balls down the range.

the balls were being hit in all directions and only traveling 30 to 40 yards.

The wife looked glum at her results, the pro asked if he could make a rather risky suggestion, the wife agreed if he thought it would improve her chances of mastering the game.

He told her to hold the club as she would her husbands penis durring love making.

The results were amazing the ball flew straight down ther fairway landing only a few inches from the hole, the wife was so happy with her progress until the Pro said that's great but do you think we could try holding the club with our hands next time.....
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