Golf - Sport or Pastime

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by pitbull, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Is it me or does anyone else think that those that disappear to play Golf on Wednesday afternoon (or any other day) are taking the p*ss.
  2. Golf - A disease
  3. Ohhhhhh, get me started!!!

    I used to share an office with a guy who had a fablon biffchit. He used to take the p1ss as I extracted myself from work to be beasted down the gym a couple of times a week - as per COs TD - whilst reminding us that he had a bad knee.

    He was the first (and often the only) member of our department to depart at Wednesday lunch time to play frigging golf.

    If you find that you're too old to play sport (and I most certainly don't consider golf to be a sport - possibly a game - no more) then get organising it for the youngsters - coach, referee or simply encourage - don't be a jacque b'stard.
  4. In my old Regt you could tell those who wanted to be noticed for promotion as they would suddenly take up golf as it was the in 'thing' to do at the time for the higher ups! Hence the cry'want promotion-take up golf'
    It ruins a good walk!!
  5. It's a recognised Army sport. As is rugby, football, skiing, diving etc.

    What's the drama about taking one afternoon off to do some sport. If the offer is there, then take it up.

  6. I am thinking of starting a Regimental darts team. We will RV every Wed afternoon, where upon we will drink lots of stella, smoke loads of tabs and chuck some arrows......any takers? :lol:
  7. An afternoon off! You must be fcuking joking, either that or you're in a time warp. Sports afternoons are exactly that (if you're lucky enough to get one). Sport to me is running about getting all sweaty and out of breath done in a competetive manner either as a team or individual in order to win. Rugby, football, badminton, squash, cricket, netball, rounders etc etc etc all tick the boxes. Golf doesn't. It's a pastime, a cop out, a sycophantic means to a sticky end and to quote an old friend, spoil of a good walk. Discuss.....Oh, HH where's the RV for the darts team?
  8. My thoughts exactly, golf is no more a sport than is snooker, darts, train-spotting or dried flower arranging.
  9. Most definitely a sport
  10. I would say that golf is a good Army sport. Excuse the pun but it is on par with cross country, orienteering and hill walking (to an extent). I do agree that golf doesnt get you sweaty nor physically demanding, but it is certainly better than bed surfing and considerably better than another recognised Army sport...Fishing!
  11. There's another one - Fishing. So come on then, Golf, Fishing, Ten Pin Bowling. Is there any more that we can think of?
  12. Don't go using fishing as an excuse for justifying golf - neither are proper sports. The only reason why golf has sport identity within the military is because the senior officers/warrant officers/SNCOs all play it and want the funding so that they can get time off work, get subsidised travel, get super discount at all the top courses.

    It's the perfect scenario isn't it; a beautiful sunny day, tug this bag of clubs around with me for a few hours - ocassionally hitting a golf ball - then down to the club/pub for a few jars - all in the firms time!!

    Meantime the lads, if they are very fortunate enough to have a sports afternoon, are slogging their guts out doing some proper physical activity.

    Get real - what is the benefit to the army of having a bunch of old duffers who play golf? I thought the purpose of sport in the army was to encourage teamwork/stamina training/something which might have a proper side benefit.