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Golf Nut.

Andy and Irene had been going out together for some three months and Andy decided that Irene was definitely the one. He took her out to dinner with the intention of making a commitment and after the meal whilst having coffee, he told her of his intentions and then said.
"Look, it's only fair that I tell you that I'm a total golf nut, I eat, sleep and breathe golf, so, if it's going to cause problems, it's best to say so now."

Irene said. "Since we're being honest and open with each other, I have a confession to make." Andy raised his eyebrows questioningly.

She took a deep breath and blurted. "I used to be a hooker, but I couldn't carry on like that, so I've given the game up completely."

"I see" Andy said. "Yes, that certainly is a problem." He sat for some time, frowning deep in thought, then said.
"You know, I reckon you should take it up again. It's probably because you're not keeping your wrists together when you tee off."

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