Golf in NI

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by skid2, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    We're shedding jobs, soldiers, quite possibly PB and one of Belfast's A and E departments.

    And now we're expected to pour public money into bringing a golf game with all the attendant ********* over for a week or so.
    This being a tournament with TV money, tons of sponsorship a huge prize fund and we're meant to part fund them coming to freeload?
    If Royal Portrush is such a wonderful place to golf, then why aren't they flocking to it themselves and paying for the privilige. If they're too stupid to read a map or book a flight then maybe they shouldn't be travelling.
    Jesus it was bad enough when all these Delorean ********* turned up for a pint. 'So you paid a lot of money for a car with no autobox or power steering with french electrics and engine.......not to mention the fact it was built by people with no history of working a five day week, never mind building a car'

    Next we'll be expected to put up with a shower of golf playing bastards. Christ..... times like this I miss the troubles and don't get me started on bringing the MTV awards in. I hope the sniffer dogs have a field day.....then again........
  2. It's an effect not unlike winning the Eurovision Song Contest, or the right to host the Olympics. Known as The Poisoned Chalice.
  3. I work for a golf company and I feel all warm and muzzy now that your taxes are highlighting/promoting my brand.

    Cheers Buddy :)
  4. I am not an MLA (yet) however if the Assembly throw £500K at bringing the Open to Royal Portrush and it generates £10Mill of Tourist Revenue into the economy and promotes Norn Iron globally then it is a good investment. It is a hard pill to swallow to see certain services axed. However you have to look at the bigger picture. The NW 200 gets Public Funding but NI benefits massively from the return on Govt Investment on that and the money pumped into the local economy.
  5. I shagged a few slappers in Portrush. Great place on the lash.
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  6. Are your offspring the male and female employees at Barry's amusements mate ?
  7. I doubt it. I made them swallow, or fired it into their hoops.
  8. I shagged Diana Barry, remember her? The oul doll with all the keys.
  9. You'll be happy with the "rise" sculpture at Broadway roundabout then.

    Only cost £486k. I must admit it looks only slighter better if you ignore the nurses blocks of flats.

    Rise sculpture at Broadway Roundabout. Belfast City Council.
  10. I live pretty close to Royal Portrush and I ******* hate golf. And tourists.

    I don't give two balls a blue whether the shitty tournament comes here as long as they don't cause too much disruption to my daily routine. Driving around the North Coast becomes a nightmare when the CrapWest200, The Beach Party and Airshow are on. Or indeed like the weekend we've just had, when it's a cracking sunny weekend and the entire population of chav central Belshaft seems to descend on the place- the town can barely cope with all the traffic sometimes.

    But if they are going to throw public money at this Open thingy, then improving the infrastructure around the Port can only be a good thing not just in the short term for the golf but in the long run for all the major events up here annually for safety and reducing accidents and is long overdue IMO.
  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Maybe I should have been a little clearer. I have nothing against motorcyclists, having found many of them to be decent and interesting people. (Harley riders don't count here, tossers)The NW is a pale imitation of what it used to be. Now it's just dull, boring and corporate. It's been a while since a works rider too hungover to ride attempted to convince us unbelievers that he had food poisoning. (Not something the Seasplash and Bushmills was famous for.) Other fondly remembered sights was the little man in the brown suit running for the loo, not making it and steam rising from one side of his (now dark brown) trousers as he shrugged and returned to the bar.
    Public sculptures I do not mind. It's good to see them, it means confidence is high that they won't be blown up although the one at Broadway may well get stolen and sold for scrap.

    But golfers, they have their own special drinking dens where they can stand around and bore the living shite out of other like minded carpet salesmen and pound store managers. They contribute nothing of worth to society and are a complete waste of space. A group of them enter a bar full of humans and proceed to speak golf loudly. This sucks all the joy and happiness out of everyone else in the bar. Sends the barstaff into a coma and because they are invariably loud ignorant bastards anyones hope of a quiet pint is dashed. I dread to think what golf tourists would be like. So far I've been lucky enough to avoid them.
  12. You are one sick puppy. I was afraid of that oul doll when I was younger. By "younger" I mean 34.
  13. excuse my ignorance maybe it was before my time but who or what is/was Diana Barry? I thought "Barry's" was just a name and that it's owned by the Trufellis?
  14. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Who was the old bat in Barrys in Bangor seafront?