Golf and Romeo Towers

Came across this vid the other day and almost felt nostalgic for my time on the towers.

Something I've always had in the back of my mind is to get anecdotes, pictures and stories together to try and tell something of the history and nature of the towers, from when they were little more than a sanger plonked in a field, to the building of the towers themselves, the epic build of R16 and so on. It would be nice to try and put something online before the everything gets forgotten.

Anyone fancy helping?


I was at JATOC between 94 and 96, and witnessed the enormous amount of planning that went on in the avaition side during a refurb of one of the towers.


Thanks, b_s, sounds about the right time-frame. We'd run up about a dozen different scenarios, depending on whether we could get a servicable Chinook, or had to rely on a fleet of Puma.

Don't ask for any more details - it was my last posting and I spent far too much time on the Strip. :wink:
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