Goldsmith on Courts Martial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Did they hurt is pride by saying that, guess he can't bear to be wrong. Like the law, the mans an arrse!
  2. As has been widely reported before Lord Goldsmith would not know credible if it sank teeth into his ample arrse. That is unless some of his political cronies told him to react. :lol:
    Methinks that Bliars hand is firmly up his dark and naughty 8)

    Well done to the soldiers that got through that courts martial. Now back to the fold.

  3. Oh yes, Goldsmith, Crony of Tony and New Labour lackey.... very independent. Who knows, one day, he may be held accountable for his political persecution of decent soldiers... Readyaimfire!........ Sorry Sir, proper gabbler me Sir....
  4. The man is a cock! They were aquitted on all counts. Someone needs to explain to Goldsmith that fact alone means that the evidence was NOT credible. It was tested in court and found wanting!
    Thanks to him & the wonderful tw*ts in the MOD one of the lads has already said he will quit the Army because of the way the MOD has treated him.
  5. I'll just begin by saying that I am delighted that these guys were acquitted at their Court-Martial and I have to say that I think it's a triumph for the Military justice system. As for whether or not they should have been prosecuted in the first place I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with the majority opinion on this and I'll explain why. We had a situation here where a young Iraqi died apparently after being thrown into or forced into a canal by the defendants. These bare facts do not appear to have been disputed and it also appears that at least one of them was so concerned about the life of the youth that he was preparing to dive in and rescue him. He was prevented from doing so by the SNCO present for one reason or another and the soldiers left the scene and the youth died. If I am correct an autopsy was unable to state definitively the cause of death. Would anybody out there,given those circumstances be prepared to go on record as their CO and state categorically that there was no case to answer here? I'm buggered if I would! Had this incident simply been "written off" and no action taken what's the odds that we (the Army, the UK and indeed the Coalition as as whole) would have had this thrown in our faces by our enemies at home and abroad for the next 30 years (Bloody Sunday enquiry anyone?) It would have given credence to the argument that we are callous murderers and no better than our opponents and called into question our moral authority in Iraq. No, this had to go to trial and the full facts had to be heard and thank God the board found the defendants had no case to answer. I'm afraid I'm with Lord Goldsmith and his well-padded lawyers arrse on this one.
  6. If the IG courts martial cost £5m and presumably the PARA one had the same order of cost, whose budget does the £10 million jimmy o goblins come from? MOD or another Government department?

    I only ask because I can think of much more worthwhile expenditure for £10m in the current military-economic climate - retention for example?
  7. Oh, you teasers.

    When i read the title i thought Goldsmith was being courts martialled!!!!!
    I don't know how it could happen, but fun none the less

  8. Sorry - wishful thinking - but the avalanche of truth may just be starting to gain momentum.
  9. Jaegar, Well said, ^ . It is not only the about justice it is about been seen to deliver justice. I note that all those involved were allowed to serve and thus limit damging their careers. I am glad they were cleared.

    I am alarmed that with the recent CMs that there has been little asked about the role of the CoC, I knwo that CM are limited in what they can look at but surely it is time to determine some general guidance on what is and is not permissable. Otherwise, might I suggest that fall back to RoE, and use 5.56 rounds as standard level of 'minimum force' to prevent the lose of life or serious injury.

    I suspect that would result a lot more fatalities but we would be defending the beating, beasting or wetting of detainees....
  10. Agree to this (- well he would say that wouldn't he!) The cooling off process was used in EOKA times when rioters were rounded up and bussed some 30 or so miles away to walk home and cool down. It worked - until one unit thought it would be fun to drop a few Greek youths off after dark in the middle of a Turkish village. Thereafter known as Butchers Village. The take them for a swim process in Iraq could well have spread in like manner. Camp Breadbasket demonstrated how things creep. If civpol chucked a kid into the Thames and he drowned, we here would all be up in arms. The civvies more so. There is a need for public to see some checks and balances. If the idea got around that the Army is loath to look at dodgy actions, there is a risk that many of a COs powers would be removed.
  11. Does anyone know on what grounds the Guardsmen were acquitted? As far as I can see they admitted forcing him into the Shatt, where he subsequently drowned. In pure legal terms, it would appear pretty open and shut. Did the court consider that they had no alternative?
  12. I think you are thinking of Faulkener, not that Goldsmith is any better. However, in his defence he is a skinny cnut new labour lacky....... Not forgetting of course that it was his absent-mindedness/vagueness/lack of integrity, which okayed TELIC. So, good lad all round :x
  13. The deliberations of the jury are suposed to kept secret amongst the 12 of them
  14. Actually 5 on a DCM (more on a GCM?). Presumably the defence might have mentioned it. Does anyone know the basis of the defence?