Goldsmith looks into Gaza deaths


The Attorney General is to begin his fact-finding mission in Israel into the deaths of two British men.
Lord Goldsmith will consider whether there is sufficient evidence to bring war crimes charges against the soldier who shot James Miller from Devon.

The 34-year-old cameraman was killed in May 2003 in Gaza when he was making a film about Palestinian children.

Peace campaigner Tom Hurndall, from north London, was killed nearby three weeks earlier.

Shooting unlawful

Lord Goldsmith will fly to Tel Aviv on Monday to meet Israeli ministers and high-ranking military officials.
Well , this should be interesting.
"Making a film", which seemed to involve all manner of actually getting involved in the proceedings (the BBC footage this morning showed him obstructing a tank,ffs)...

Quite how Mr Goldsmith expects to justify charges in Britain against an Israeli soldier Acting on Israeli territory is quite beyond me. That area isn't a British protectorate anymore!

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