Goldie Hawn - GILF

Would you stuff your muck up her clack?

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Sorry to mention this.

Goldie Hawn is on that scouse poofters show at the moment.

Would she still get it at the grand old age of 61?

I reckon she's a right dirty old biatch who could suck the coolant out of a Merlin engine and take an anaconda up her clack just for a laugh.
Nice thought flash...but raise you Michelle Pfererer( think thats correct). Not bad for 50!

I have to say that Goldie Hawn sang THE hawn-iest version of A Hard Day's Night that I've ever heard! Seriously sexy nightclub singer-esqe voice on her and a giggle that causes a lob on in milliseconds.
Flashy, we know you're a pilot, but do you really need to fcuk ever thing with t!ts and a womb (I add 'a womb' so as not to frighten the moob brigade of fat knack'ers on the site)! I mean, a line has to be drawn somewhere before 'no pulse but still warm', surely?
You're watching the Paul O'Grady show Flash?

Who's the poof? :roll:

Anyway, I would. :p
I banged a 45 year old when I was a mear pup of 17. By fcuk could that woman hump. I left her plush Calgary appartment after 2 days like the proverbial dog with 2 c0cks.


I fuckin would too, always had a thing for her.

Now that Moyet creature is on the same show. Talk about the other end of the evolutionary scale!
Hang on chaps. According to the poll, Kurt Russell is a member not once on Arrse but twice.

Kurt, whats your missus's flange like and does she still do anal?
I've just remembered why I used to watch Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In.

Goldie Hawn. Tight T-shirt. No bra. Evidently air-conditioned studio....

Very interesting

and also quite funny.
lovely lady.
The working mans poster girl. Fcuks like a rabbit and sucks like a vacuum cleaner...probably.
Gets my vote.
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