"Goldfinger" Based On Real Person

The villain "Auric Goldfinger" of Ian Fleming's eponymous novel was based on a real person who was also named Goldfinger.

Emo Goldfinger was an architect, an avowed communist and a British citizen.

Fleming played golf with a man who was related to Goldfinger's wife.

Fleming apparently detested Goldfinger's architecture. (I could guess he wasn't too fond of his politics, either.)

The real Goldfinger was infuriated by the book and the film.

When the film Goldfinger came out, the architect was afflicted by spoof calls in the middle of the night. Callers would intone in bad Sean Connery accents, "Goldfinger? This is agent 007," or sing the film's theme tune, ...an irritation still endured by members of the family who list their names in the telephone directory...


Goldfinger had his lawyers file a libel suit.

Ian Fleming, in turn, was angered when his publisher settled the libel suit out of court. He unsuccessfully attempted to prevail on the publisher to change the villain's name to "Goldprick."

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