Golden Toilet

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by Monty417, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Bob was telling his workmate that he'd been to a great party on Saturday. " It was just about the best party I've ever been to, fantastic. All the booze you could drink and a terrific buffet done by a professional caterer. Considering that I only went as a guest of a friend, I really struck it lucky. " His mate said. " You always were a jammy bastard, wish I had been there. " Bob said . " Yeah, you would have loved it. They had a fantastic house, even the cloakroom toilet was solid gold. " He got the reply. " F**k off, you're shittin' me. " Bob was indignant and promised to take his mate there and prove it next Saturday evening. He said the homeowners were really great and wouldn't mind a bit. On Saturday at 2100 hrs, they rolled up and it looked like another party was getting underway. " Bob smiled knowingly at his pal and kept his finger on the bell. Soon a good looking woman answered the door. " Yes ?. can I help you ? " Bob replied. " I hope so, I was here at the party last Saturday and I've been telling my friend about your' golden toilet in the cloakroom, he doesn't believe it, so, would you mind very much if I showed it to him. The women just stared at him, then she pulled him inside and shouted over her shoulder. " Hey Arthur, I've found the dirty bastard who had a shit in your tuba. "
  2. That is good :D
  3. that is a brilliant joke
  4. You nut case mate..........I nearly pissed me pants.........I loved it.....cheers.