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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Peeler, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. Just picked up a copy of Badge Backings and Special Embelishments of the British Army by CE Audax (published by the UDR Benevolent Fund in 1992). As I perused through it I have the following questions (actually random thoughts......).

    1)Why no back badge for The Rifles on the berets ??? At least have it a distinction for the 1st Bn., I mean the D & D's had the Sphinx in their cap badge too (it seems to me that now the Sphinx features in no regiments headdress ! From a time when it featured in the Royal Lincolns, Glosters, Lancs Fusiliers, Essex, South Lancs, Black Watch, Dorsets, and East Lancs...probably missed someone.... I seem to think the PC brigade is behind this :x )

    2) While we're on The Rifles how about a red backing to the cap badge for Paoli ? I mean the DCLI and Royal Berks plus The KRRC also had a red backing. It could also be treated as a tribute to all the redcoated regiments that The Rifles descended from.

    3) Oh and by the way how about the Presidential Unit Citation for Imjin for the 1st Bn. ( I know the regiment wears the D & D's Croix de Guerre, thats why it would be a "distinction" for the 1st Bn.)

    4) Ok, my last Rifles reference, how about a blackened cap badge for the 5th Bn. to represent The Rifle Brigade, make it the junior bn. distinction.

    And finally......
    5) I have said it before on this forum, could they have not come up with something better for the Mercians ???

    PS Just started reading Marching with the Tigers: The History of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment 1955-1975. IMHO the MOD/ECAB really missed a step when they disbanded the Forester Brigade, a regiment called The Royal Foresters has a nice ring to it :D .

    Just my 2 cents

  2. Look again, they do wear it (but not for much longer I hear!)

    I agree, I always felt the KRRC weren't properly reflected in the RGJ uniform and accoutrements anyway.

    If you must I suppose.

    Err, it was the KRRC who wore a Black cap-badge, a large Maltese Cross on the Red backing you referred to above, remember?
  3. I was privy to some of the discussions leading up to the creation of The Rifles. Rationale for no backbadge on berets was that there should be no battle related insignia on working dress. Ironically, there seems to be a growing fashion for wearing the side hat (which has a back badge) with working dress so this principle is somewhat undermined.

    Same as for 1, the Paoli backing and Brandwyine Flash stem from a military action. Even though the red backing is shared by two of the forming regiments of the Rifles, LI and RGBW, it is battle related, so out.

    It was important that each of the four founding regiments of The Rifles had something that was recognisably theirs. For the D & D, the Croix de Guerre fulfills this function. The RGBW got the backbadge. As the Glosters' US Citation and the Croix de Guerre occupy the same spot on the uniform (on the arm) it would not be possible to accommodate both. If only the 1st Bn were to keep the citation and all the others adopted the Croix de Guerre, I am sure the many D & Ds in the 1st would feel aggrieved (the 1st is largely an amalgamation of the RGBW and D & Ds).

    Also pertinent to 3, there was a desire to achieve uniformity across the regiment and avoid the Royal Regiment of Scotland accommodation of distinctions between the battalions.
  4. Go away.
  5. I would suggest that of all the amalgamations conducted by the Army over the past 17 years or so, the Rifles was the most effective and professionally conducted from an outsiders perspective. I also understand that there was a sizeable PR budget to enable this in the public forum. It pains me to say so but I would suggest that any further periods of "cost cutting" would do well to use the Rifles as a model. Slightly off thread but having just been measured for FAD, I feel we are perhaps starting to get behind the one team concept in all aspects!