golden question!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ever_green, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. Becuase you're an uggo and he has had to come up with a way to get his kicks without having to look at your face?
  2. He wants to take pictures to show his mates how dirty you are - has he kicked your back doors in?
  3. Are you in 3 PARA Mortars??
  4. I'm certainly no uggo! And I'm the only one with pics.
  5. Perhaps he just wants a JetSki and you are such a deviant that you assume its sex.

    buy him a JetSki you tight cow.

    And buy me one too.

  6. Prove it. Post pictures of yourself in various outfits and positions. Go on, dare you
  7. then lay on it and let me lash over you! :twisted:
  8. *stares blankly at screen*

    FFS, don't you hate it when people edit their original post!!
  9. gotta be quick in this game minxy!
  10. Yeah thanks for that Foxy!!!

    You could of course just explain the bit I missed so the rest of it makes sense!! :roll:
  11. Nope WS

  12. for fcuks sake!
  13. She said her BF mentioned he wanted to experience Water Sport Action.

    She wanted to poo on a glass table but thought she would ask if this was "normal"