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talking to a septic colleague yesterday got onto the subject of tv progs, and a heated arguement re who has the best home grown totty from the 60s/70s. So much like Steve Wrights golden oldies who are your top 5 shaggable, british, tv stars from the 60s/70s

mine are:
Joanna Lumley
Felicity Kendall
Nicola Pagett
Paula Wilcox
Helen Mirren
Fcuking hell, Bob, you can't be talking about Paula Wilcox as she is now.

She's recently been doing a stint on BBC2 niche comedy 'The Smoking Room' and is as rough as old arrseholes. She looked a bit like that Nazi whose face melts at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Mind you, there's no accounting for taste. For a short time in the early 90's I used to get a semi-on about Virginia Bottomley, the horse-faced Tory MP. There was no explaining it. It's the only time i've ever watched Question Time with my scuds round my ankles.

The rest of your list is top notch and is only missing Rusty Lee.


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Susan Stranks
Lesley Judd
Maggie Philbin

Childrens television has an awful lot to answer for....
the one off 'TIZWAZ' was it Sally James :?:
I remember her tight t-shirts very well :!:


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Yes she was, they met on the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop (or something similar to that).

There was some footage, of "Cheggers" serenading Ms Philbin in front of a roaring fire when they were in France for some reason or other.
Nerys Hughes (Original Liver Bird and District Nurse)

Floella Benjamin (Playschool)

Valerie Singleton (Blue Peter)

Sally Thompsett (Man about the House, Railway Children)

Sally Geeson (Sid James daughter in Bless this House)

Oh hells bells I am officially ancient! And to make it worse most of you will have to google half of the list to see who I am on about!


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My pleasure.....

Jodie Foster, Diane Keene, and Goldie Hawn
growler said:
was Maggie Filbin on tomorrow's World and married Keith Chegwin? Seemed an odd match!!
I remember her being slightly boss-eyed, maybe she thought she was getting John Craven, but ended up with Cheggers.

Apparently her TV career suffered because she was spending so much time down the bottle bank, returning Keith's empties.

Sally James led to embarassing questions in our house like,

"Mam, why won't my willy go down?"

But we shouldn't be snooty. Don't forget the ladies from the thrap mags back then. With fan-nies like a giants goatee, the likes of Linzi Drew and her mates used to keep me going in those dark, basic training days.

I always wondered what became of Linzi. I hope to fcuk she's not still showing that clam off. It must look like the top of a wheely bin by now.
Lynda Carter as wonder woman

Tracey Austin (tennis player)

Daphne From Scooby Do...... Never quite got over that one :oops:
Una (sp) Stubbs

Betty Boop (Timeless!!)
thora hird

mary whitehouse

barbara woodhouse (siiiiiii-it )

maggie thatcher (i'd have loved to f*ck her .... with a baseball bat)

olive from "on the buses"

ena sharples from corrie

phwwwwwwoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar !!!!!
Mr_Fingerz said:
There was some footage, of "Cheggers" serenading Ms Philbin in front of a roaring fire when they were in France for some reason or other.
That would be the wreckage of his helicopter, then. :D
Kate Jackson
Farrah Fawcett-Majors
Jaclyn Smith

Original charlie's angels line up!!!!

If I was a bloke I'd do them!

I know they ain't British but they deserve a mention!
Marianne Faithfull (Mars bar please)

The girls who Benny Hill used to chase around who strangely lost most of their clothes in the process

Britt Ekland (in The Wicker Man and Get Carter - Phwoooar)

Hattie Jacques (If you like em built like a washing machine)

Valerie Singleton (N-OOOOOOOOOOO)

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