Golden moments in farting

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. I have just nearly wet myself with laughter. Sat by the eld wifey and let a ripper. All I saw was my wife running off to the bog yaking up. Marital bliss clearly for winners.
    The tears of joy are still running down my face now!

    Is this grounds for a divorce? Although highly entertaining to me!

    So have any of you guys made someone matt and luke from your rectal genius?

    In your own time carry on.....
  2. seconded
  3. No honestly its gen.. No wah
  4. Your "story" stinks!
  5. Im not disputing the fact you farted but it's more likely that it went as follows:

    Sat by eld wifey and let a ripper. She turned round and said "I can smell sperm"
  6. or: "I can smell Hamsters"
  7. If you had a golden moment in farting it wouldn't be a fart.

    Maybe the result of peanuts and sweetcorn?
  8. Or even: "I can smell our daughters toothpaste"
  9. If you going to lie why not make it interesting something along the lines of a Latvian rent boy farting the DNA of three other men into your mouth that sort of thing
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Let me regail you with a tail of an epic pant gas moment.

    A few years ago whilst on holiday in Barbados, a few of us decided to visit one of the smaller islands in the Caribbean. To do so we had to get a small 10 seater aircraft (I believe it was a Cessna Caravan) Once we had all strapped in my uncle let rip with possibly one of the loudest and foulest smelling farts I have ever witnessed. One by one the passengers all started vacating the aircraft as it was so bad. Finally the pilot turned around and got off too giving my uncle a look of utter disgust as he stepped out into fresh air.

    So here's to my uncle the only man I have ever known to have cleared an entire plane with a fart.
  11. Or even: "I can smell dog spunk"
  12. Funnily enough if you swap 'Latvian rent boy' for 'Belizean whore' that wouldn't be a lie.
  13. Surely it should be brown moments in farting?
  14. If you were on the Guinness all night it would be "Dark moments in farting"