Golden Jubilee!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jockaneese, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm sure this little topic has been done to death but i thought i'd just stir it up a little.

    "rant on!" Why does a person have to serve 5 years before they can qualify for a golden jubilee medal?
    is it not enough for that person to be serving during 2002?
    I find this an absolute disgrace that having served on no fewer than 6 operational tours i do not qualify for said medal.
    Yet another example of someone somewhere cutting cost and at the same time alienating younger service personell
    who have given their childhood in service of this country.
    Being an un-named medal, i for one will wait until i get out and buy a "replacement" and display it as if i "earnt" it.
    I think i've done enough jumping through hoops to be worried about missing a medal by a couple of months!
    "rant off!"
  2. Don't worry mate, her diamond jubilee is coming up you'll get one of those if they produce one!

    *opens drawer and looks at Golden Jubilee Medal*
  3. Why not add the 'HMS Amethyst' bar to your GSM whilst your at it; you probably didn't qualify for that either. If you've not got a GSM, just put one up, don't let that boring 'You don't qualify for it, Walt!' argument get in the way.
  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Jock - I am surprised that you are that bothered by it. Most of the people I know were faintly amused at best to have it and no-one takes it seriously. It only says that you joined before a certain date (1 Apr 98 - pedants correct me if I am wrong - I am guessing. Shows how bothered I was, doesn't it?!).

    It is really is not important - those 6 tours (I am guessing Iraq, Afghanistan, maybe a Kosovo or Sierra Leone) - those are medals to be proud of.

    My advice - sack it mate - you earned the medals that are worth wearing.
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Bore off :roll:
  6. Fugly thank you for that interesting addition to the discussion, in future please learn to read.
    My actual quote was "given their childhood" in service of this country, not "childhood service"
    And interestingly i probably wouldn't give an admin discharge any medals,
    I think a happy medium would be 5 years service as long as 2002 was in there somewhere.
    This medal was not awarded before i joined up, it was during my service!
    "Walt." a lovely buzz word, I bet you were the guy in your gaff that run around talking about "WMDs" and "7/11" and "11/11" and every other word that was in at the moment to make yourself look clever.
    my final point was i'm still going to get the medal even though i missed out
    of the qualification period by a couple of months, i never once said i was "worried"
    in conclusion fugly, learn to read, and once done so then you can perhaps make valuable contributions to the discussion.

    Jack-daniels i suppose your right,
    *opens drawer and looks at kosovo, macedonia, bosnia, iraq (with clasp) and afghanistan osm*
  7. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Jock - I am not going to fight Fugly's battles for him. But you would be branded the sort of person that most soldiers despise the most by such an action - someone who has lied about their service, that is the simple definition of a walt and most people feel that way.

    But if you are that bothered by a small piece of metal on a bit of brightly coloured fabric that no-one other than you really gives 2 sh!ts about - crack on wee man.

    But I am now really impressed that you have given me your resume of military service............YAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWNNNNNNN. Good Night - I have come over all tired now.
  8. There you go Jock, you've earnt enough mate, no need to worry about a freebie.
  9. I suppose if you want to be a cnut you could go and buy the Jubilee Medal and put it up next to your well-earned, legitimate gongs. Why on earth would you want to though? This is where I fail to understand the logic. who are you seeking to impress FFS? I would be more impressed by your campaign medals and the implied service they demonstrate than by any number of LS or commemorative medals.

    Oh well, go ahead and then hopefully someone will notice your "new arrival" and mark you down as a wannabe...although what you wannabe I really am not quite sure. Why not buy a regimental tie of some unit you quite like the look off but weren't in whie you are at it? Or appoint yourself as a baronet or a Major general too?

    Catch yourself on...
  10. You know what....
    After having a little hunt around google etc i've seen the error of my ways,
    I guess it just p*ssed me off that i missed out by such a small amount.
    I'll stick to the ones i've got.
    Any more and i'll start to walk around all lop sided.
    Thanks for the voices of reason.
    Peace out Y'all.
  11. How many?

  12. Silver Jubilee = Nickel/Silver Medal
    Golden Jubilee = Gold coloured medal (looking to many like a choccie one).
    Diamond Jubilee = ?

    Just a bit of fun you understand.
  13. Perchance more than one tour in a hot and sandy place - you don't get extra gongs for going back, you know.
  14. Shush, don't spoil it!