Golden Jubilee Medal

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by taz_devil, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. A bit out of date with question I know but does anyone know if this medal could have been issued for concurrent service?

    Counting 7 years service but less than 5 in either 2!!! 1st being regular army 2nd being cadet instructor
  2. It was my understanding that you had to have served 5 years or more in either the regs or TA, when the Jubilee happend, I am pretty sure army cadet service does not count though.
  3. actually ...yes adult instructors do get the jubilee medal, if they have served 5 years or more at a particular date, however im not sure on what happens if there is a break in service between regular army and cadet service. best take it up with the either the medal office or your previous Regimental association.
  4. The Adult Cadet Instructor Service does count, I lost out well actually never applied as my service was concurrent one started in 98 the other in 99 which in either case did not make the 5 years.

    Now previous service counts so I thought about finding out about concurrent service...
  5. speak to the CEO or ACF RSM and see what he says
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    As i understand, concurrent service does not count, you have to have had 5 years service under your belt at the required date, not 2.5 years doing 2 jobs!

    Its not like a bonus-accelerator insurance policy..............
  7. No one said it was did they! Do you do something worthwhile with your spare time?
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I do plenty with my spare time thank you, including motorcycle restoration, carpentry and a lot of admining systems for less IT minded friends and aquaintences.

    You have obviously taken my quip totally out of context, earning you the status of a waaaaah biter.

    I merely pointed out that 2.5 years doing 2 jobs at once was not the same as doing 1 job for 5 years. The qualifying period for the Jubilee medal was 5 years service. Full stop.

    You missed out, sorry but lots of people did. I have a friend who has both Herrick and Telic medals, but not the Jubilee medal. Have you seen such operational service and therfore think you justify the Jubilee medal as well? I also know quite a few who fell short of the qualifying date by weeks if not days. None are bitter, they just accept the rules.

    Grow up. You just haven't got it. Period.
  9. Didn't stop Prince Harry getting one when he was CCF. Wonder why that is?
  10. Fair enough, but in case it is thought that everyone 'entitled' did get this fine medal, I am aware of a non-recipient who served in the TA from age 17 to age 53, continuous apart from a short service volunteer commission, and including (not that this makes any difference to entitlement) 3 ops of which two were double tours.
  11. Because he didnt get it for being in the CCF! We've done this before, mate.
  12. Right - wasn't here when you did it before. Apologies.
  13. What would be worse would be to ONLY have the Golden Jubilee medal, so that would be7 years in an no op tours.

    Was at a dinner and saw a guy with Silver and Golden Jubilee medals, 25 years and no op tours! Looked a bit of a twat! Better off with nothing.