Golden Jubilee Medal

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Queensman, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone reveal what the requirements for getting this gong were/are? Forgive the fact that I'm a few years out of the loop, but I can't track down a sensible explanation.
  2. the requirement i was told, and i stand corrected if i was i was wrong,

    were for you had to be a serving forces person with over 5 year service to qualify for the medal
  3. cant remember the dates though.
  4. You had to be serving on the 6th Feb 02 (50 yrs since accession) and have five years (didn't have to be continuous) service on that date to qual as a reg; TA also had to have five deemed efficient years. After they announced that the emergency services were to get it, they conveniently insisted that one of those five had to be TY2001/2002. Someone probably told them that a good way of freeing up medals allocated to the TA was to use the annual qualification rate as the final hoop because only 35% (or whatever) passed annually. :evil:
    Its only a chocolate coin tho'.
  5. yes but its its the only one i got and likely to get as i dont see me getting my telic medal anytime soon :)
  6. Only it wasn't you who made off with the Adj's gong from a locked safe then?
  7. Many thanks for the above - inevitably, some more useful than others!

    I did 10 years regular service ('84-'94), and if my memory serves me correctly, most of that time Brenda was roosting on the throne. Since then I've been a member of the RARO, ie a reservist - does that count?

    It would be nice to get another gong. Only got one, despite numurous trips to the Emerald Toilet: we thought we were special to have that as thousands of BAOR base-rats (Cav, Gunners, Remfs in general) didn't even get that!
  8. You may have noticed the specification mentioned above....that you had to be SERVING in 2002 to qualify. Reservists (excluding TA...we still train and serve on a regular basis) do not count as serving due to the fact that many reservists seem to disappear into the ether whenever a letter goes out to them. I'm not suggesting that you are one of those, and indeed I have met a number of reservists during operations, however, many are not sure what to do with the bang-stick that they are handed at RTMC.....
  9. Only if you were actually serving on the day in question otherwise reservists did not qualify. I know this because I checked up on it for a mate whom I thought equally deserving and had been forced onto RARO only a few weeks before.
    Hope this helps.
  10. No it wasnt me mine turned up after i had complety given up on the
    idea of getting one pity I never wear no2s so have no idea if i will ever wear it . oh and it came already mounted which seem to upset some people.
  11. I was awarded the Jubilee Medal in 2002, but it "went astray" in an HQ before it reached me. I applied for a reissue but the Army Medal Office are in such a shambles that they never troubled their arrse to acknowledge my application or polite reminders. Eventually, after putting on some pressure I got a phone call last year from Droitwich to the effect that I cannot even expect a written acknowledgement until after the move to the new single-service Medal Office. Apparently they have a policy not to acknowledge QGJM correspondence.

    Somewhat irritating after making it clear throughout that I did not expect 'my' medal to get priority over operational medals. I just wanted a written acknowledgement to reassure me that my application had not fallen into a black hole, and would be dealt with... eventually.

    I wonder whether anyone else is in a similar situation.
  12. Yes I was...but I knew the RO2 there and he fast-tracked my application...
  13. QGJM is not just a military issue. It was awarded to other uniformed services as well. Police, Prison Service, Fire Brigade and others. Plus Senior Civil Servants and Employees of the Royal Households to name a few more....
  14. Sorry mate,But the Prison Service staff were denied the honour of recieving this medal by the Government.It was percived at the time that the Government were trying to save money. Tessa Jowell MP stated in a parliamentary debate that the Prison Service were not an emergency service,and this was the reason for non issue.

    Never mind that a lot of Prison Officers have done their bit in HM FORCES, continue to serve HM Government,and work unsociable hours,with awkard,difficult and dangerous creatures(no I don`t mean Governors).

    Obviously Prison Officers are seen with contempt by HM GOVT....but then again they are always being told by the politicians that they do a vital job!!

    Prison Staff were eligable for the Imperial Service Medal,after 25 years or more service,and this only after being recommended by their line manager,generally upon retirement.Despite being recommended they didn`t always get the gong as this had to be approved by the Home Secretary.This award has now been replaced be a silver "long service" lapel badge..... and a lovely certificate....can`t wait!
  15. As usual, loads of utter rubbish, half-truths and lies. If you don't bloody know, why bother posting - we have an ARRSEr in search of truth, not bollox - we get enough of that at work! :D

    From DCI JS 3 - 12 2002:

    Interestingly enough, we had several former OTC types who, once commissioned, successfully traded that time against their QGJM. We then had the situation of officers having the QGJM (due to OTC 'service') and JNCOs with more actual time served who didn't qualify for it, by virtue of being a few days short.

    Disgusting really.