Golden Hello

After reading through the job brief I was given by my ACIO I saw that my job is given a “golden hello”. My recruitment sergeant hasn’t mentioned this but my friend who does the same job said make sure I collect something so I can claim the money. Does anyone have any ideas what I should be collecting and do I have to ask for it or will it be given to me at later date. Just for reference I am due to swear the oath shortly.

Firstly what trade group and cap-badge are you looking into joining?

Your recruitment sergeant should know about this if you ask him, quite simply if you don't ask then you don't get so ask as soon as possible. As soon as you've been recruited by the careers office then there's no point in giving you a golden hello as an incentive to join if you've already joined.

Ask your recruitment sergeant at the earliest opportunity and if he doesn't know then get him to ask someone who does. It's normally about £500 but only certain trades get it.

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