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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mnic, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. I have been told today that when you pass phase 2 you get this bonus, i know its based on what you specialize in but would someone entering the paras get the same as rifles? and how much would it be, its good to kno that its not all crap pay at the start.
  2. actually by the looks of it on google nothing for infantry lol

  3. Take it that you're not going Int?

    Yeah, the bonus is that you don't get binned for being a mong....and anyone who joins for the wonga is a bigger cnut than you sound. You're right, it's not all crap pay at the's crap pay for about 3 fecking years then marginally less crap depending on your rank.

    Also, if it gets too hot /cold or if you feel a bit tired, for a small fee,you can stay in bed.

    You need to know that as a recruit, you are less than useless as you are neither a civvy or a soldier, just a pain in the arrse liabilty - until you are trained.

    You are getting fed, waterd and housed, so really, when you look at it, you should be paying the fecking Army!

    Have a look below.

    British Army Pay Incentives - The Armed Forces Community: Royal Navy, Army, RAF
  4. i dont give a shit about the pay, its just interesting to know
  5. and yes i found that link just after posting this hence the post before yours

  6. Oh fecking really? Why mention 'crap pay' then? should be more 'interested' in learning to be able to lie a lot better...that's what's gonna be more useful to you if you won't be honest with people or yourself.
  7. There's no "golden hello" but I believe there is a real golden shower of other benefits in the infantry.

    Join the Navy. Less hassle. None of this sleeping in holes in the ground nonsense. Full English cooked for you every morning. You get to see both the North and South Atlantic and you can learn a useful trade like navigator's yeoman, steam engine maintainer or signalling with flags that will be of use to you when you reenter civvy life.

  8. More like Golden Rivet, skate Tw*t........ARRSE mean anything to you Capn' birds eye?
  9. Oi! They never had women on ships in my day so don't knock skate till you've tried it. Couple of inflated life jackets with a dead skate stuck to them is third best after a real woman and:-

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  10. Hi, can I apply for the golden hello in phase 1? As my certificate has arrived from Edexel a day too late (as I'm going to Pirbright Monday, my file was sent off yesterday). Any info will be greatly appreciated as I'm entitled to £2500. I'm joining as an Ammo Tech.
  11. You have to pass first.
  12. I know that, I'm just asking whether I can apply in phase 1?
  13. GOLDEN HELLO,,,,pass training first,,,,, quite often people get the SHITTY FUCK OFF, and deservedly !

    And if you stick it out for 22 you get a GOLDEN FUCK OFF , also deservedly, and every month you will recieve monthly compensation
    for the shite you had to put up with,,I'd forget about bonuses and concentrate on meeting the standards required.

    Best of luck.
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  14. Sounds like someone really wants a golden shower.