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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by currybap, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. I'm applying for junior entry and my first job choice is Avionics Tech in the REME. My recruiter mentioned that due to my BARB score, undermanning and predicted GCSE grades I could be eligible for a £1500 golden hello but I got the impression that he wasn't 100%. Just wondering if anyone could clear this up? I have had a search around the site for more info on golden hellos but most results i'm getting are for Mike Golden :evil:
  2. From army website under pay and pensions:

    From that i would assume its to do with people who are already trained/qualified in trades the army need??

    Im sure someone else will clear it up more for you
  3. That is correct.If you are or have been a chef in civvie street and have qualifications in cooking bacon and egg sandwiches then these skills are transferable into chef in the army.surprise surprise.Thats when you are eligible for golden hello.The amount you get depends on the skills you have and the desperado that the army needs.hope this helps
  4. Why are you worried about golden hellos? You want to be more worried about even getting in the army in the first place.
    Your still in school so you probably think £1500 is alot of money, well it isn't. I would pay the army that just to get in phase 1 this year!
  5. haha dave88 i would pay good money to get a phase 1 date for sometime this year too!
  6. Sliding scale dependent upon quals and how much money is in the pot.Logical really, for example, a qualified helicopter mechanic going REME will cost less to train.We save money, you get a bonus.
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    But how the f*ck does that equate to a kid a school with no experience and some buckshee GCSE results.
  8. Doesn't, as you probably know.Lay it on the line, then:professional/Trade quals = saving = bonus.A level/Degree = Commission.Nothing in between.
  9. Phase 1 start dates will probably be on ebay now you have said that speckle :D
  10. Just want to point out that it isn't necessarily trade skills that qualify you for a Golden Hello in some cases (e.g. AT), it can just be academic qualifications.