Golden Hello

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by RMP_boyio, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. According to the last page OPMI are entitled to a golden hello. Added bonus huh, out of interest any idea how much?
  2. Just because it says "yes" doesnt mean everyone gets one.

    Its (IIRC) something along the lines of foreign language qualifications, say a spanish/french gcse grade C or above gets you £500 on completion of phase 2 training. A levels would get you more, and degrees even higher.
  3. Just a few hours after arriving at Ashford, there was a melee at the Acorn club bar one evening, I ended up with a free toastie !
  4. You barsteward that was mine, bought and paid for, I wondered what happened to it. As for Golden Hello, I'm still waiting for mine and I'm not leaving without it. I believe there were some who were interested in Golden Showers but I'll draw a veil over that for now.
  5. Meat and cheese toasty?
  6. Is that like a golden handshake? I saw a German film about something like that...
  7. Only golden hellos that I ever came across went a bit like:

    "Here's a nice crisp Ulster Bank £50. How would you like to work for a large and powerful organisation ?"

  8. That wasn't a melee you tea leafing "Monkey" that was my evening meal !
  9. Think again Rebel ! You always got yours for free from Randy Mandy (or did you secretly fancy Kim the Limb-maybe it was the caliper that did it) ?
  10. HELLO

    Is this it?
  11. An orange hello? yes, yes it is!
  12. I never believe these offers that are made any more.

    I am still waiting for my free:

    Nelson Mandela
    Range Chicken! :x

    Whenever I stand outside the Careers Office noisily demanding them, I usually wake up days later with a bad head!

    I was particularly looking forward to the Range Chicken. It would make a change from sheep!
  13. I did my best, a yellow hello is not quite it... :rmp:
  14. And there was me thinking mike golden had resurfaced from the depths for another verbal shoeing
  15. 'Randy Mandy' now there is one for the memory banks.

    My Golden Hello was 47 quid for a fortnight's work. As I'd been used to earning about 200 a week I was a bit confused at the pay table. The Paymaster and Pay Sgt noticed I think - the Squad Cpl did anyway as I was bollocked all the way to the Guardroom - that shell was a bit heavy as I recall - "What do you mean you have a bank account"? Happy days.

    Anybody recall the Billy Connolly hit 'Computers and Skis'?

    Sergeant Oh Sergeant Where's Mine?