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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ratonstilts, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi just wondering if anyone can tell me how I go about claiming the golden handshake, which was promised to me when I first went into the careers office I was told that as I have A levels I should be entitled to £2500 upon completion of my trade training. Im about 3 weeks away from finishing and have been told that unless I have a certificate from the Careers office then im not entitled to anything. Im going to see the chief clerk about it tomorrow but in cased I get fobbed off I wondered if anyone else knows about it

  2. you only get a golden handshake if you bring skills to the army ,what is your your civilian qualification? ,just because you have A levels does bnot entitle you to money
  3. What's that you say? The recruiters told you non-truths?

    No way!!!!

    As far as I'm aware, golden handshakes are for professionally qualified types. A-levels would not be included.
  4. Surely, this is a wah!

    There's no way on earth that a cash-strapped force like the British Army is could afford that sort of cash hand out.

    If you add up all the experience you have gained and all the stories you can now tell (truthfully) is it worth less than the amount of cash you want?
  5. I do hope that you got this promise in writing!
  6. It's a pinch point trade so they offer it as an incentive to join up, my mate has it in writing...not me :-(
  7. Well I got my certficate today and will be picking up my £2500 at the end of the week, so to all you nay sayers.....cheers :p
  8. Tell us what A-levels you have and what trade then?
  9. What are things coming to that we have to give a student with a couple of A Levels £2500 Golden Hello to join the Army?
    I am convinced that Mr Brown and co have become so deluded by their own propaganda that they are starting to believe it themselves Uk PLC is best placed to weather the storm ect.
    I have done some research, to get this you have to go and see your RSM and say My name is ?and i claim my £2500 for joining your regiment ( Sir)
    He will then offer you the privelige of donating said unearned and total uneeded handout of cash to one of the sevices charities ,which in a few months you may need .I dont know how you have the gaul to even ask.Bloody students
  10. Please do enlighten me what this pinch point trade is that the army cannot get suitable applicants .
  11. Did you fail to get into Uni then? :? Did you not have the grades for an undergraduate degree in Advanced Media Sudies (Teletubbies & Jeremy Kyle)?
  12. Ah, the old "promise them a golden handshake" trick! Are they still doing that in ACIOs? Are people stillfalling for it??
  13. :( aww i have one of those, a golden hello, only for £500 mind you, but still thats 173 pints, to be honest i've heard rumblings of these being compleatly worthless, but its nice to have hope, i got the certificate and a lovely little letter explaining what the certificates about ... now i guess its just glossy toilet paper.
  14. Yeah it's a golden hello, it's now sat in my bank account accruing interest. The trade is ammunition technician, you have to have A leel maths and another science subject although they will consider other higher qual's if you have them. Definitley will not be going to see my RSM and asking for it but cheers for that