Golden Handcuffs - Losing Their Grip

I would be interested to know other peoples views on the following...

It strikes me that the Golden Handcuffs of Boarding School Allowance are potentially losing their grip as personnel, mainly (although not exclusively) officers are getting married later and indeed having kids much later. This is both a reflection of society (getting married later) but also the fact that the Army has insisted on recruiting graduate officers who commission between the ages of 23 and 25 on average...

By the time they get married, generally around the rank of Senior Captain (although I am aware of making sweeping generalisations) kids tend to come along when they are roughly half-way to the 16 year pension point. Therefore, by the time that little Tarquin or Sophia reach the age of 7 or 8 (the earliest entry to boarding school) Mummy or Daddy may be eligible to their pension and if they haven't filled in the forms for BSA, are able to make the jump to 2 Civ Div much more easily. Coupled with the fact that Boarding School is less popular in general (and this is no criticism of them on my part - loved it, me) could it be argued that one of the major incentives for staying in the Army (the BSA) is not what it once was?

Your thoughts please - sensible ones preferred.....
Get out of the Army, get a really high paid job - you can then afford Boarding School on your own (without the feeling of being trapped by a wanky system).

Alternatively use the following on both Wednesday and Saturday........... 23, 45, 01, 34, 26, 29

It's what I've been pinning my hopes on for a while now.

'The Golden Handcuffs' shouldn't be so easily discarded! They will be the next thing in line for cuts anyway as the justification will be that the new post-FAS 'stability' will do for it!

What you may also wish to consider to be factors could be:

Wives with careers;
Increased separation by choice;
Home ownership;

All of these do lessen the need for BSA. My own plan is to move my family out of the MQs as soon as possible into our own home. I will live in the Mess in order to weekly commute and the kid (to be kids) will be educated locally until they are 8 when we will move back into MQs and start BSA up.

For all of you out there considering BSA, keep it alive until I need it, please!
and you really think that after 8 years of living in her own house with the children and a job (if the marriage survives that much separation) that your frau will be happy to; leave all her friends (especially the milkman), give up her job, tear the children away from their friends/clubs/teams and go back to living in a Mk1 Magnolia married quarter?
No1 Magnolia Gardens is in the plan at the moment - boarding school is in the plan due to very favourable trust that is very specific about schooling! BSA would take the spice off the remainder (or vice versa).

Its not ideal but we would like junior to have a settled start (then fcuk him around) - especially that next posting will require schooling to be a factor. Living in one house and being 'posted' to a series of jobs in a certain radius would be ideal - especially as the old 'my-next-job-is-within-50-miles-of-my-current-quarter-so-i'll-stay-here' routine is being very heavily challenged by DHE/DE at present.
Remember too that in the JPA era the rules on Mobility are being tightened up. You will have to produce a Mobility Certificate each time you are posted and their period of efficacy is being cut. Get someone to show the CEA Chapter of the new Regs which has just been publshed and comes into force 01 sep 05!

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