Goldcoast super walt part 3

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Nignoy, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. Well our famous queensland twin walts hit the headlines in todays Courier mail, they are claiming to be mentally ill caused by
    the stress they have been put under by the walt finder general, the judge has given them till the end of the month to get a certified
    report on their mental disease, a source at court quoted if found guilty they face 12 months nick minimum and if the judge gets his way
    they could get up to 36 months, he suggested they sell their medals and uniforms to pay for a lawyer!!
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  2. ........and somewhere in the distance a door slammed....
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  3. The Australian Waltenkommando seem to enjoy the hunt just a little too much, IMO.
    Probably due to hunting Abos now being verboten.
  4. They are rather full on aren't they?
  5. Hang 'em, then we can build a shrine and let off a few Chinese lanterns.
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  6. .....Walting Matilda walting Matilda
    We'll go a walting Matilda and me.....
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  7. Even if you are sensitive to their culture and kill them with a beer bottle?
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  8. These are the guys who they are talking about. Absolutely bonkers...


  9. They're killing themselves off. Couple of years back at one of the missions up north, one of them passed out drunk and got eaten alive by wild dogs. Plus they hang themselves in gaol quite regularly too.
  10. yeah - but i bet puts the brakes on future Walting Matildas.