Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WhiteHorse, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. Nicole Cooke wins Gold in China for Britain!
  2. Feck me i thought you were going to give me some investment advice then!!!!
  3. Fantastic, fabulous, stirling effort from Nicole Cooke! :clap:

    I couldn't stay in my chair for the last km, was leaping around the living room shadow boxing and shouting :oops:

    Atrocious weather though, riders were dropping like flies, although if any nation is used to cycling in the rain it's us.

    Well done lady :worship:
  4. I've got Spandau Ballet stuck in my head now.....cheers for that.
  5. Wheras I have that shit euroquiz from the 90's hosted by the prick that is Henry Kelly stuck in mine now
  6. Well done that lass, just watched it at work.... our first medal and its gold.

    Mind you I bet her clopper and arse are hurting, that seat looked razor sharp!!
  7. With the current world situation, Gold is good, however I think you've missed the best price.

    On a more important note..Well done girl!
  8. What a nails effort - well done that girl!!! :cheers:
  9. We just need to hold it together on the archery now after wobbling earlier, so now only fighting for bronze. C'mon girls.

    Edited to add: we're battling the frogs, got to get this! :twisted:
  10. Too true .Dolly - traditional toasts to be made throughout the kingdom!

    Well done Nicole Cooke - amazing performance. We salute you.
  11. Indeed AB :D

    I can hardly bear to watch.... our glorious forebears will be spinning in their graves if we lose now!
  12. Good effort Nicole! I thought it was curtains when she fell behind right at the end, but she put in a gutsy effort to finish first.

    Dai iawn and fcuking well done!

    And yeah lets put the French in their place... it's looking close!
  13. :cheers:

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  14. Good Drills! :D :salut:
  15. Oh much for Agincourt...