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Gold Standard Framework

Hi Folks
I'll try to keep this short.....

I've been quite ill over the last 9 weeks, suffering all sorts of weird goings-on, my cough increasing in its intensity, not eating, dizzy spells, breathlessness, lethargy, bad night sweats, aching bones and losing 2 stone in 5 weeks.

I was admitted to hospital last week, initial diagnosis was that I was suffering from AKI (Acute Kidney Injury), which used to be called Acute Kidney Failure - I was not peeing but excreting through my skin, hence the sweats. Over the next couple of days I was subjected to massive amount of fluids being pumped back into me and gradually I improved. They sent me for a CT scan on Thursday where they discovered I had cancer in 3 areas of my body - liver, lungs and bladder. Now I had bladder cancer in 2007 and since then have been diligent in watching for blood in the urine - nothing showing at present. Similarly, inspecting sputum coughed up. There's apparently an 8cm lesion on my right lung. Apparently, the prognosis isn't good. :(

So far so good :)

When I was released back in the wild on Tuesday I was told by a senior nurse that the hospital had put me onto the Gold Standard Framework, which is for patients with less than a year to live. Apparently, my local hospital is the first whole hospital in the UK to pilot this scheme in hospital. In the blurb it says that services to me at home will be better co-ordinated. My wishes, preferences and needs will have greater priority. My individual care will be planned with me and give me easier access to some services.

GSF enables me to have priority NHS treatment, it also prepares me for The End, placing me into a hospice, etc. I also have a dedicated nurse attached to my case (I suppose it is similar to a McMillan nurse).

Has anyone else heard of GSF and if so, what was their opinion of the scheme?

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