Gold Sovereigns issued to Air Crews

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by antiwar, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Op Granby and the miserable gits made us return them after the war....... :(
  2. Antiwar you have posted this before...

    I wonder whether you might have more success on this site if you:

    a. Changed your name - A pacifistic name on a military website is a little gauche...

    b. Instead of constantly asking spotter-ish questions about medals etc, contribute something. Your posts read like a cross between a journalist from the guardian and a crazed collector of militaria.

    Just a thought...
  3. Yes..goolie chits.
  4. Well I suppose they are slightly spotterish questions but they've lead to interesting threads. Californian_Tankers' post on the medals one was fascinating. This one could be good too....


  5. Many thanks Tricam, its nice to know that there are some nice people on this forum!!!!

    I can never understand why so many people insist on repling in negative ways to people threads, why bother!!!!

    On a positive side, it would be interesting to see if any good info turns up on this topic.

    Yes CT is a very interesting and helpful guy, I enjoy reading his replies!!!!!

  6. Go play with your light sabre, somewhere else!!!!
  7. Don't be too hard on Hellfyr - he's a gopping loggie mover, so he was born to be a tool.
  8. Yes this thread has been going for ages now and is a right rivetting read...

  9. And how did your post improve the situation??? :)

  10. What exactly is the 'situation' ?
  11. If I could post a smilie for nodding off to sleep on here I would.... :)

    The chap requested info on Gold Sovereigns, whats the big deal..........its a valid request so if people have the info...feel free to give.

    I sometimes wish individuals would stop crawling through the forums on a mission to spot "spotters" and the like. If you think its a troll
    or whatever don,t respond to the post. Simple!!

    Now if someone trolls in the naafi...thats a different matter :arrow: fair game.

    Baggy out...