Gold Rush

Old Charlie joined the Gold Rush in the Yukon and when he staked his claim, he panned for gold day and night for three whole weeks.
Deciding he needed some womanly comfort, he got on his old burro and rode for two days and nights to the nearest town.
Hitched the burro to the bar and went in.
Said to the barman "Two shots of the best whiskey you have and where's the women".
Barman set the drinks up and shook his head.
"No women here yet, this towns still wide open".
Charlie downed his drinks, got back on his burro and two days and nights back to his stake.
Panned for gold another three weeks, then felt the need for some womanly comforts again.
Back on his burro, two days and nights to town.
Orders three shot of whiskey and says, "Where's the women".
Barman shakes his head, "Sorry, this town is still wide open".
Then he sees the look on Charlie's face. Quietly, he murmurs, "But if you're really hard up, there's always Mac in the back room".
"No, I'm not like that", says Charlie, then thinks, not another month panning for gold.
So he says,"How many are going to know about this".
Barman replies, "Seven altogether".
"SEVEN!! hows that" says Charlie".
Barman says, "Well, there's you and me, and of course Mac".
"Who the hell are the others", demands Charlie.
"The four who hold Mac down, he's not like that either".

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