Gok Wans gotta be straight ...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Doc_Henry, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. So recently just watched one of c0ck wan's programs about chicks getting their kit off and generally feeling peachy about themselves (i have no complaints there).

    But even for a bender he's got a obsession that every straight bloke has and loves playin with tits ... alot.

    I want his job, anyone know how to get 30 chicks in one room stripped down bollock naked and lets a stranger play with them as he pleases without rohipnol or any other form of illegal date rape drug?

    this is the thing of dreams ...
  2. You have to smoke Penis... Enjoy!
  3. Just been watching that shiite with my new gf (only 18 and people have been asking why ~Im smiling a lot..
    ) and she reckons he`s straight and putting on an act

    I reckon he is a player on the pink oboe
  4. Re-arrange the letters of Gok Wan and you can spell Go Wank.

    I dont trust him...
  5. my missus seems to love him ...

    i wouldnt let that cnut anywhere near her, his hands are too busy for my liking.
  6. [​IMG]

    100% straight!
  7. Shes not a mong
    though she is from Glossop
    And Ive lost a bit of weight lately, Im back down to 17 stone
  8. So she's into fairies then? :D
  9. i didnt know fictional characters with wings existed ?
  10. 100% A Chubby Chaser.

    I reckon if he is straight he is definately into the more 'Pleasantly Plump' members of the community.

    As it stands he is lying to fat birds to tell them they look human when naked. If this gets him laid then great however the last thing I need to see when I'm fishing for sluts is a lard arrse who actually thinks she's worth a poke telling me I'm not good enough for her.

    The man is dangerous.
  11. Indeed, skanks with standards are no help to anyone.

    You'd have his job tho ...
  12. The one who's knee he is touching looks like the Soul Glow Fella off Coming to America (In white).

    He's welcome to her.
  13. i dunno, after a crate i wouldnt say no ...
  14. If you say so boss.

    Your missus isn't this fella by any chance?
  15. Na i'm afraid she's got a hell of alot more talent than that permed tw@t