Goining from atr to bordon

Discussion in 'REME' started by Coburn, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi I am goin to pirbright soon to do my phase 1 training and I am curious on how you get all you kit from pirbright atr to seme bordon

  2. And if you cant get it in a box, carry it.
  3. You will be going in to Q Coy at Bordon so post it to yourself c/o Q Coy, Bordon.

  4. You will take a lot of it with you in bags/suitcases etc so that you have uniform to wear until the rest catches up. The rest will be shipped using the MFO system (basically big boxes which are shipped free of charge. The same system you'll use every time you get posted/move unit)
  5. When you arrive at Bordon, you wanna make sure you carry the basic equipment that you need to stag on:-
    1.Themal Mug
    3.Warm kit
    4.PSP or summit to entertain yourself while you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for your turn to hold the gun(weirdos!!)
    5. Book of excuses why you cant do Weapon handling drills(cos everyone ive loaded or unloaded doesn't know how to hold a weapon or even unload!!!)
    5.Mobile phone to call your bordon Biatch or to call the Pizza place in bordon.
    Cos for the first few months, thats all your gonna be doing!!!!!!!
    Apart from going on leave and sitting festering in the block cos you have spent all your money either paying somebody else to do ur stag(Oh yeah,they dont let you do that anymore do they.....yeah rite!!!)Or that you have spent all your money on millionaire weekend!!

    Enjoy yourself in SEME!!! :D
  6. If you're lucky a MFO box may be available. I passed out on the Friday had to take my full 1157 home to Scotland then on the Monday took it all back down the road to Bordon (all on the train), emotional was not the word!
  7. Is that not a fcuking stupid question?

    Initiative a dying thing in REME?
  8. 1. Not if you don't know the answer.

    2. Posting anonymously here saves face in front of your platoon when at the ATR, full of crows who probably don’t know either, if it truly is a bone question.

    A pretty shrewd move I’d say; you’ll go far.

    Anything else we can help you with FD?
  9. Just pop it into the guardroom, I'm sure boys will see that it gets there alright. Failing that try getting the RSM to drop it off outside the block for you.