Going Underground

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pox_Dr, Sep 9, 2005.

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  1. Anyone who spends time on the tube may like this.


    Mod editnot worksafe as sound with lots of swearing :wink:
  2. Thanks Pox_Dr....and advisory worksafe might be useful at a time like this. Happily...I'm at home...and the nanny is downstairs....

  3. That was brilliant.

    Remember when they went on strike because one of their number got fired for getting caught coming out of a squash court when he was on sick leave.

  4. I got that on mp3 ages ago but I've always wondered who sang it. Funny as you like and true!!
  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...I've been to London 7 times. Never had a problem with the tube. In fact, I wish we had something as good here.
  6. Never thought anything a Pox Doctor did would ever make me laugh.

  7. Click on the buy the album link. You can listen to other songs. Their song Northern Birds (to the music of More Than Words by Extreme) is classic.
  8. Great to see this back on the net!!!
    Disappeared a while back, a former link from ARRSE too.... bit like the Amarillo stuff, too many people downloading.
    Excellent :)
  9. I have the 'Fitness To Practice' album. Monitor-sprayingly funny, and the dosh goes to charidee.