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Going to your grave? three bits of kit gowith

reckon that count's as 1 choice , i would have gone with a few bottles of asbach but wanted to look caring and sharing inline with todays modern army


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bomb_mac said:
start you off , i take bible, photo's of kid's , and chivers strawberry jelly block
1. Don't think I would need a bible for Heaven - bound to be plenty of copies signed by the Big Yin
2. Won't need photos of the kids - they will always be part of me and I don't need pics to remind me - (though the photos I have of them are great)
3. Chivers jelly - yes! but only if you allow a can of pineapple chunks as well.

So if I have 1 out of 3 my other two would be

2. My ex - WTF should she stay here and have a good time when I am off. Of course I would put her on the 'Down' elevator on my way up :lol:
3. My computer so that I could continue giving the MODs hell from heaven! :wink:


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bomb_mac said:
you should know i'm looking to make a coffee table book out of the answers
You should have said first out. Please amend my last from WTF to Why the F uck!
Sluice_dweller said:
A man after my own heart, although i'd swap the Jim Beam for pepsi (lightweight, shandy poof I know!)

OK revised 3 items:

Jack Daniels
Pepsi (diet of course)

If we're both dead we might as well make a party of it.
1. 200 slaves for the afterlife.
2. My war gear for the afterlife (chariot, sword, spear and bow).
3. The mummified corpse of the architect of my tomb to preserve its secrets.
1. the Blairs
2. the Bushs
3. All terrorist organisations including the CIA and the French

Working on the logic in heaven i'll get everything i want and in hell i'll be doing to much coke with dead rock stars to care, i thought i'd just make the world a better place in a oner

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