Going to the dogs

There must be someone out there who doesn't think the Corps is on a downward spiral.
That the light at the end of the tunnel isn't, well you the bod with more work.
Were did we go wrong , or are we just dinosaurs that should except our lot and get on with it!!
I dont think we are but I must admit Im fcucking pissed off with the amount of whingeing that goes on in our forum. It just seems that everyone on here likes to have a bitch with the anonimity of a username. really really brave and clever.
I've said it before, Im no yes man, far from it but when I can do something positive I will. We get paid a bloody good wage to do what we do remember that.
I think we need this site, even if it is just to let off steam.
But constant whingeing just brings people down. If you've got a gripe address it, dont just bitch about it away from the action. Thats just being cowardly
sparky8 said:
But constant whingeing just brings people down. If you've got a gripe address it, dont just bitch about it away from the action. Thats just being cowardly
Would you stop whinging about the whinging! :p

I do think the Corps is going downhill, and I've done something about it :)

Not only have I signed off, but I have made sure people know my views, including DEME(A).

Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to speak to the people who shape the Corps, so this is probably quite an effective conduit for their opinions to be aired.

There is no other place for people to speak freely and frankly without fear of reprisal, so I reckon we should crack on.
Nige is right - the way the Corps is today, back-stabbing and bitchiness are definaltely on the increase so this is and should remain a safe place to gripe about stuff.

If this place is all moaning and whingeing isnt that telling you something - that the majority of REME folk who use this place feel the need to moan and whinge? Yes, and why is that? Cos DaleRoch is right - hell in a hand-basket I tells 'ya, HELL!!!!
As an RE Fitter, with whole fleet management and the new Plant solution coming in and REME now having responsibility for Engineer Construction Plant I feel that it wont be long until we become a part of REME, C Mechs as it were. What do you think about this and why do you feel so down about your corps?
Personally I think the RE Fitters would add value to REME, coming from another Corps, you could see things from a different angle to us.

The Corps main problems at the moment are:
1. REME Officers who want to build empires (Rebalancing)
2. REME Officers who think we should work the way factories do (LEAN)
3. REME Officers who don't listen to advice from WOs/SNCOs.
4. REME WOs/SNCOs who are more concerned about selection for commisioning than ensuring the Corps is fit for the future.

Just my opinion you understand

Don't get me wrong though, the Corps is not dead yet. I worked with a great bunch of people in Iraq who carried on producing the goods, even when it seemed some senior officers were trying to make us fail!
See your point of view Sparky8 me ole mucka, and i believe we share the same outlook on life etc, but it is important that people can vent off in the safety of their anonimity. And rest assured, people high up read these posts! The problem is whether anything is going to get done about it. Viva La Revolution!
Well said Cracklenose!!!

Sparky8 - You, of all people know that this site is correct. The Army need a FORUM to vent their anger/compaints etc. The fact that the hierarchy monitor the site (so we are told) enhances the credibility of this site. The problem is that the hierarchy do not seem to act on the information provided.

With all these 'Staff Officer' types in the Corps and all their 'planning ability' which uses information they have gathered - It is a shame they have not bothered to use this information for the good of the Corps.

On a personal note - the Genny problem is sorted mate.

No the Corps isn't going to the dogs.

The net is offering another forum to air views anon.

Sparky-become a moderator, then you can decide who writes what on here.
Nige, CO, Cracklenose et al. Perhaps I should have been a bit more specific. Obviously I am a big fan of this site and the way that you can pass or receive information. I also understand that some guys who don't have a mouthpiece can use this as a way to vent their spleen. By whingeing about the whingeing (and the irony isn't lost on me) I just wish that guys would at least come up with a suggested solution to their woes or it just turns into diatribe.

Mourneman just 5 posts and most of them personal attacks at me. What can I say but Im flattered. Please try to keep the digs in the open forum though as I think everyone enjoys them. Snidey little PM's are a bit silly. Oh, and for the record, yep im a tech, yes I play rugby, yes there are officers in the scrum and yes i want to apply for a commision one day. Does all of this divulged info mean that we've had our first date? xx
Sparky8, no fella, what it means after your last pathetic dig at myself is that i have correctly assumed alot about you!
Eh? what dig?
I dont get that either - thats some first in a thread post that one...................

Still, keep it up guys, this is more entertaining than watching my sole surviving tradesman break stuff........

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