Going to the AFCO for the first time..

I'll be going down to the AFCO this week to talk over joining and what not. Just a quick question though, i'm CP4 colour blind. Due to this I havent really looked into a job i'd really want to do, as then finding out I can't do it is a pain in the backside!
If I went in and said I'm cp4 and would it be possible to see what jobs are available for me, would they not mind if you get me?



Well their job is to advice and recruit people into the Army, I'm pretty sure that they won't mind you going in and asking.
Best not think about signals, reme or artillery, I'm cp3 and could not get in those when I joined but things might have changed in 20 years.


Go and ask at the careers office.

This files is from the Army website, it give a list of some stuff that may be a bar to entry and advice to potential recruits on medical screening etc. I'm not sure how upto date it is though.


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