Going to sign up...some questions.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cc123, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Think I'll be applying to my local unit C Company Detachment Lowlands
    in Motherwell and have some questions. If anyone also knows anthing about this unit that would also be great.

    How long does the process usually take? Is it similar to the joining process to the regulars?

    How is the training split when you first join? Do you still attend your local unit during the week whilst learning basic training? How long can it take to pass basic if you attend every weekend your sent on?

    What are the basic fitness requirements to pass the selection? 1.5 mile run, pressups, situps and V02 test etc?

    Its been something I've thought about for a while, I'm quite settled in my FT job but need something more stimulating to fill my weekend up with. It looks like the TA is the challenge I'm needing..

  2. You can start attending in civvies until they sort out a uniform for you, but you won't be able to do anything 'interesting'.

    Once you get your uniform and the paperwork is done, you attend once or twice a week in the evenings, some weekends.

    You have to go on a two week basic training session at another barracks before any of the good stuff happens like annual camp, specialist courses etc.

    Some units do an evening a week which is purely fitness training, but you can add to that if you wish.

    The two weeks basic usually sorts out where there are deficiencies in your fitness. You will be run ragged and beasted (given a hard time) if your fitness is not up to scratch.

    To get it up to par, do some cycling, long distance as well as sprints, lots of swimming for upper body and a fair bit of running. It helps if you can stick a small rucksack on your back with sand in to build up leg and ankle strength. Don't be too aggressive with the weight at the start because you don't want grief with damaged muscles and joints.

    When you do sign up, you should find that it is an awful lot of fun, some hard work and plenty for the brain to take on board.

    Go for it and good luck. It certainly adds a few bucks to the bank account if you attend as much as possible, not to mention the bounty (tax free gift) if you attend enough and pass your tests.
  3. Have a look here

    It won't answer all your questions but at least you will be better informed.
  4. I can't see the initial fitness levels being a problem but maybe as things progress it might tough but I'm sure I can dig in.

    With regards to joining my local unit, do they not take into consideration what civvie skills I have and maybe refer me to a specialist unit? My local company is an infantry unit (which appeals to me the most) but I probably have some civvie skills the Army might find useful. Do you get pushed in a certain direction or are they happy to just have bodies through the door?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Join whichever unit you want to (i.e. your nearest one).

    Unless they are severely over-recruited, they will not push you anywhere else.

  6. Thanks for the info, going to speak to my local unit but 'flipside' on here has also said that the RLC TA are not too far from my location either so I might also arrange to speak to the guys in Glasgow.
  7. Find something you WANT to do, not what may be the best fit for the army, selfish yes but its better to have a lad whose an IS Engineer do 5 year+ as a grunt than bail out after a few months in a Sigs unit if it ain't their thing
  8. ^^ Thanks for that but TBH I'm not totally sure of all the roles the TA has to offer. It might mean sitting down with someone and discussing it. I might have some useful skills they may want but would rather be doing something totally different from my day job.
  9. The roles available will be pre-determined by the unit you are joining with the exception of generic jobs, like being a clerk.

    If there is a selection of units, in your area, it might be worth having a chat with all of them to see what they offer.

    The issue of doing the same as you do in your day job, is the first thing you must decide. You will probably receive faster promotion and find it easier to excel at a job with which you have experience. However, you will have a broader skill base (and probably enjoy it more) if you choose the complete opposite.

    Start with "what do I want to achieve?". Then take it from there.
  10. What happens if you decide on a unit and trade then find out its not for you, can you transfer? My local unit is Infantry and Artillery, I also have IT/Comms unit and Transport Unit a little further a field.

    Artillery is something that I'm sure I would find interesting, my daily job is mainly desk work so its the last thing I would wanted to do in the TA.
  11. If you join Infantry you get to do a bit of (almost) everything else eg: driving, signals, mortars, anti-tank, first aid, etc.
    If you join RLC you really are going to spend most time doing driving and loading things (Unless I'm very much mistaken)
    Same principle will apply to most of the support arms.
    If you join inf and find you really like doing signals work (for example) and the job of Coy/Btn Signaller doesn't give you enough satisfaction you should be able to transfer later.
    Don't know what TA arty would be like but I doubt you get to shoot big guns very often.
  12. Agree and disagree at same measure, when you say as Infantry you do a bit of (almost) everything els etc, I would be suprised if you were in a rifle company and got to do mortars other than as an interest, if that is the fact then (in theory) you could do mortars in the RLC unit as long as they set it up. Yes I'm being pedantic but selling the Infantry as "you do all this lot whilst the RLC just load trucks" is a little false

    No matter what unit you are in you will have a base skill of infantry work, how much if it yous do and to what level is dependant on the unit you join. Obviously an Infantry unit will do far more than a Sigs unit plus go into it in much more depth and have the resources to make it much more worthwhile, but beware the line "we do the infantry job but they can't do ours" that is a flase statement made by guys who have done the odd section attack shouting bang and haven't a clue what a Bn level assault with SF and mortar support takes. If running around in green and getting your belt buckle dirty is for you then look no further.

    I'm a Gunner through and through (Cadets, Regs and TA) and I alwyas say that the RA do just the right amount of Infantry work. More than most non Inf types (Sigs, RLC, RE etc) but not too much that it gets either boring or too hard. If , as I believe, you are in jockland then give the local RA unit a looksee, they would have converted recently to Lt Gun and that can be a lot of fun and much more variety than most units

    Cue abuse form other units which will claim (and quite rightly so) that their capbadge gives you much more
  13. ^^ Thanks again guys, all good info and links there.

    I will try and get to see someone from my local unit next week at earliest and discuss their role and what I'm letting myself in for, failing that I'm sure to find another unit fairly local with a job that interests me.
  14. I've served as a Gunner, Field Guns and we did a lot of live firing. In fact the most bored I ever was was in an Infantry Bn.

    100, 103 and 105 RA have light guns and it's truly awesome. If a 105 Rgt bty is around you could do a lot worse.