i know this may seem silly but my son is going on 17th to pirbright and i am not sure of travel arrangements. He is leaving from Great yarmouth does the train stop anywhere on way and does he have to change trains. Its easy askin u guys and girls as you have been there done it or are going to (i may seem like a daft mother ok i am) :eek: :lol: :?

ok i know it changes in london he arrives at london at approx 9.32 is any one else going to be there then as he is not sure on finding the tube to do change over from liverpool str to waterloo?
Just to sway this slightly off topic, But when you go to Selection and Basic can you take your own Transport (Motorbike/Car) or must you use the public transport (Trains/Buses).
(Sorry to topic snatch)

But I can offer this link which may help National Rail Enquires


No offence, but if he is going off to join the big wide world of the army, should it not be HIM finding out what he has to do? if he is mature enough to join the army surely he is mature (maybe not quite the right word) enough to figure out his own transport or ask someone?? What's he going to do out on exercise, ring and ask for directions?

But anyway, try national rail enquiries or qjump.co.uk, he may well be given a travel warrent for the journey and we were told try to avoid own cars etc.
the rail route is not the issue now it is finding the tube as he has never been to london before it can be daunting and as anyone should know traveling with others makes it easier and less daunting, i am sure he is and has not been the only one to feel that way at least in army u have your squad to back u up
i would nt worry too much angeleyze he will be ok and will find his way,,,
as a young 16 year old i had to find my way to dorset, via central london...
he can always ask,,, try not to worry,,,
I'll have to make my way to Pirbright soon, Interveiw wednesday so I may have selection 17th sept. If I was in your sons shoes, plan out all the big routs first, and not too worry too much about london, It's always busy there so just ask around as long as the people you ask arn't wearing 'bling' or hoodies, or wearing their caps backwards! That's all i would do ^^
Or caps to the side of there heads, and as some round here, there hat it just kind of "poped" on to there heads, not actually ON there heads, If you see what I mean? ;)
he should right down the trains he needs to get on. and then on underground line right what line he needs to get on. (including north, south,east,west).
It will be fine, he knows what train too london and knows what train too the ATR from london? Youll find alot of workers on the underground who are suprisingly helpful, I spent ages trying to work out an underground map then plucked the courage to just ask someone there and didnt have to worry about anything else.

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