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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by YANTOFULPELT, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Here's the score. Load of blokes going for a military jolly in 2007. Need some advice on the "do's and dont's". Insurance when on R & R etc.

  2. Don't eat yellow snow
  3. Really!
  4. Remember NO means NO ask the 4 para blokes
  5. Slip,Slop,Slap

    Get travel insurance - good stuff. You do not want to be paying med bills here (or dental)

    Which part of Oz and when?
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Same 4 Para blokes who were subsequently acquitted of the charges of rape? Leave the libel to the gutter press, not in house.
  7. yeah cheers for that duke
  8. Sydney. Regimental Band going for some PR, Cricket and blowing some Sheilas.

    They will probably get the full score when they recce in Jan. But forewarned and all that. Mostly done via the DA I am assuming anyway.
  9. Reserve Forces Day parade in Sydney?
  10. Hi Yan,

    Want a 3rd Clart? :D

  11. When? I'll mention it.
  12. You're in the band :D I suppose it's better they send you boys on a jolly than actually try and teach you some military skills.
  13. Try watching the Welsh internationals then you'll see the high standard of a "part time band" that equals any regular band.

    I beleive you to be a buffoon sir. :D
  14. Good insurance, buy your suncreams and thongs when you get there.
    Buy decent and i mean decent sun glasses as you will suffer without them.

    When in Sydney. Stay away from Quinella and Paramatta. Kings Cross is just a parody of itself but there are cheap hotels there.

    Musts are Coogee bay, Manley and The Rocks ( The orient bar). Bondi is worth a look but very small.

    Get your arses up the bridge and also take the ferry to Manley from Circular Key.

    Donts.........Poke the wildlife, swim where you arnt meant to, arm wrestle lesbians (from experience) or call the locals Convicts, especially in Tasmania!

    Do Take the Ghan (train) from Adelaide to Darwin via Alice Springs.

    Dont bother with much west of Adelaide, its known as the GAFA...The Great Australian **** All, however Perth is meant to be OK.

    Finally.........If you can, go and watch Australia play cricket at the SCG............Amazing!

    have fun
  15. No not me. But as Red Dragon said, the only Band invited for the Internationals.

    When is Veterans Day down under??