Going to my unit next week - Advice?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Finally, after 14 months, I will be at my 'unit'. So, going through training, particularly Gib, I was always told "The field army is nothing like this".

    So, how does it compare to training? What am I to expect at my unit, and what do they expect of me?

    Also, is it true at you're unit you can take you're leave whenever you want to? Like take Summer leave, earlier/later if I wanted?
  2. Where are you going and what trade?

    Edited for being a bit unpleasant.
  3. Yes it is true about your leave, depends what is happening though.

    Just keep your mouth shut, work very hard (it will be noticed) and pick a senior sapper/Lcpl as an example to follow.
  4. 36 Maidstone, C3 Signaller!
  5. Don't gob off, and make the comment ' when i was at Gib' etc if you do you will soon be introduced to some field discipline.

    Enjoy you time, you will never forget your first unit.

  6. pretty much what the other lad said

    dont gob off, be the grey man for a bit

    make an effort to be friendly to the other lads, even if they try to break you on your first day. have a sense of humour about it, they are only playing

    dont kiss arsse the seniors but dont piss them off either

    before making any bold statements think them through. tipping up on your first day wanting to be a para marine pti will impress no one when you are hanging out of your hoop on the first run

    likewise for naming boxing and parachuting as your fav sports...when you couldnt fight your way out of a plastic bag and are scared of rock climbing because its too high!

    seen all the above happen too many times and go wrong. youll be alright if you arent a knob

  7. Is like the Jarhead scenirio, where you turn up and the lads will fill you in, or give you shit jobs. Duty newboy so to say, unwritten rules.

    My fitness isn't the greatest, but I do try really hard. Apart from that I quite good at my trade etc for my level of knowlege.
  8. Dont stand to attention and call everyone by their rank.

    Similarly, dont sit there and gob it off to all and sundry.

    Remember too, you're now a Sapper not a SATT. Targets do drop when Hit.

    And if you see Doris on yer travels around the Camp, Say Hi from me.
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Try harder. Train in your own time. And then train some more.
  11. Haha, from what I hear from many Engineers, she sounds like she'll fit right in with the other Chatham girls there.

    Doris? Do I really want to bump into this person? Is this for my new years wish?
  14. Unless I am really busy on t'internet for hours at a time instead of getting a few miles in... :roll:

    Which may help you fit in a little bit quicker and easier.

    Just a gentle hint :)